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Lamp Cap (base)

Energy Efficiency Class

Beam Angle (°)

160 ° - 160 °

Kelvin (K)

2700 K - 6500 K

Lumen (lm)

140 lm - 7000 lm

Luminous efficacy (lm/W)

35 - 114

Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)

4 - 81

Color rendering index (CRI)

53 - 98

Light colour code

535 - 965


Lifetime (h)

Review(s) and rating(s)

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  Review By Tom McReynolds
Tom McReynolds

Very good experience, but better if specs came with UVB bulb

Overall, my shopping experience was very good. I had no trouble ordering on the site, the bulbs came quickly, and were undamaged and worked when I received them.The only issue I have (which might not be Svetila's fault) is that the bulbs came with no documentation. For safety, I'd like to know the UV output of the bulbs, not just their pow ...
Verified Purchase 26/11/2016
United States , Los Altos Hills
  Review By Luka
Great service!
Verified Purchase 22/11/2016

Fluorescent lamps 

Fluorescent lamps

Tubular fluorescent lamps are among the most widely used artificial light sources in the world! The main reason is the high economy of the lamps: They produce a lot of light and consume very little energy. The average service life of the lamps can reach up to 90,000 hours, making them ideal for use both in the professional sector and for private...

  • T5 Lumilux HE HO
    T5 Lumilux HE HO
    Lighting for offices – functional and pleasant

    Installing the right lights in offices is important in order to create a pleasant working environment: They create a pleasant mood, increase productivity and reduce mistakes among employees. Planners, operators and users therefore have very high expectations of lighting systems. Modern solutions satisfy these demanding requirements by creating the perfect conditions for the relevant visual tasks. The combination of natural daylight, artificial light and light management systems provides optimal lighting and a specially adapted light control system maximizes energy efficiency. Luminaires with a modern design fulfill prestige requirements in refined offices on executive floors, while intelligent light control systems with a zonal function help to divide the room into separate working and meeting areas.
  • T5 Short
    T5 Short
    • Ideal for cost-effective creative illumination and decoration
    • Very good luminous flux maintenance throughout the life of the lamp
    • Slim and compact
  • T5 Constant
    T5 Constant


    • Excellent luminous flux at high and low ambient temperatures
    • Stable and suitable for outdoor lighting or fixtures with little thermal insulation
    • Compatible with and easily exchangeable with conventional T5 lamps
    • High luminous efficacy

    Areas of application

    • Industry
    • Street lighting
    • Ideal for extreme temperature requirements


    • Luminous flux: >90 % at ambient temperatures between +5…70 °C (for 49 W: +20…80 °C)
    • Very good lumen maintenance: 90 % throughout the service lifetime of the lamp
    • Long average lifetime: up to 24,000 h (with QUICKTRONIC ECG)
    • Good color rendering group: 1B (Ra: 80…89)
    • Dimmable
  • T5 Eco
    T5 Eco

    Saving energy was never so simple. T5 lamps featuring ALTO Lamp Technology offer ultimate energy savings without any sacrifice to light levels. Ideal for general, decorative and architectural lighting in offices, retail stores, hotels, schools and hospitals.

  • T8 Lumilux
    T8 Lumilux

    Extremely efficient, reliable and a long service life – Fluorescent lamps offer a sophisticated and economical lighting solution. With good to outstanding and uniform color reproduction, the lamps can meet even the toughest demands in the professional lighting sector.


    • Very good lumen maintenance: 90 % throughout the service lifetime of the lamp
    • Good color rendering group: 1B (Ra: 80…89)
    • Dimmable

    Areas of application

    • Public buildings
    • Office lighting
    • Industry
    • Shops
    • Supermarkets and department stores
    • Street lighting
    • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires
  • T2 Lumilux FM
    T2 Lumilux FM

    Shelf lighting – attractive down to the finest detail

    Lighting for shelves and display cabinets is crucially important in modern shops. This is where the customer encounters the product for the first time, having possibly seen it in the shop window. The right light will pick out the most important details, underline the quality of the product and present its benefits.

    Shelf and display lighting draws customers’ attention to presentation areas and display cabinets. Subtle effects are used to highlight crucial details such as color and structures and present the products in the best light.

  • T9 Lumilux FC L
    T9 Lumilux FC L
    Extended design possibilities

    This circular lamp offers extended design possibilities. The slim tube allows the creation of extremely flat luminaires and enables omni-directional light distribution.
    • Extremely economical
    • Good quality of light
    • Excellent luminous flux
    • Excellent uniform illumination with no shadows
  • Special


    • Extremely economical
    • Good quality of light
    • Excellent luminous flux

    Areas of application

    • Street lighting, city lighting
    • Industry


    • Good color rendering group: 1B (Ra: 80…89)
    • Good average lifetime
    • Double-ended U-shaped fluorescent lamp

    Equipment / Accessories

    • Suitable for operation on electronic and conventional control gears
  • Fluorescent lamps T12
    Fluorescent lamps T12

    Tubular fluorescent lamps 38 mm.

    Areas of application:
    Public buildings
    Office lighting
    Supermarkets and department stores
    Street lighting
    Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires

  • Starters
    • Starters for single operation at 230V AC.
    • Starters for series operation at 230V AC.

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