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4 € - 110 €
Lamp Cap (base)
Energy Efficiency Class
Volt (V)
Kelvin (K)
3400 K - 4200 K
Lumen (lm)
1700 lm - 57000 lm
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
19 - 60
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
50 - 1000
Color rendering index (CRI)
39 - 65
Light colour code
542 - 542
Lifetime (h)

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It was very easy to deal with this company. Whenever I had a question, they replied immediately. The product works great and I saved a lot from what t...

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Z nakupom akumulatorja sem zelo zadovoljen,prav tako z storitvijo,saj hitreje skoraj ne more iti.Upam da bo akumulator zdržal približno toliko k...

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Mercury lamps 

Mercury lamps
Mercury vapor lamps (HQL) are often used as light sources for street and factory lighting because of the low investment costs. They need a ballast but not an igniter. Because of their low efficiency, mercury vapor lamps consume much more electrical energy than metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps for example to achieve a certain qua...


  • Mixed


    Mercury mixed light lamps (HWL) have an yttrium vanadate fluorescent. In commercial applications, these lamps are the perfect alternative to high-wattage incandescent lamps because they last longer and do not require either a ballast or an igniter. Lighting outlets with high-wattage incandescent lamps can be easily upgraded. HWL lamps can therefore provide low-cost lighting installations for factories and other large buildings.

    Areas of application:

    • Factory and hall lighting with low-cost installations
    • Upgrading light fittings with high-wattage incandescent lamps
    • Factories and workshops
    • Pedestrian zones, public squares
    • Suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires
    • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires
  • De Luxe

    De Luxe

    Areas of application

    • Factories and workshops
    • Industrial installations
    • Streets
    • Car parks, courtyards
    • Pedestrian zones, public squares
    • Parks and gardens
    • Suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires
    • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires
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