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Lamp Cap (base)

Energy Efficiency Class

Volt (V)

Kelvin (K)

3400 K - 4200 K

Lumen (lm)

1700 lm - 57000 lm

Luminous efficacy (lm/W)

19 - 60

Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)

50 - 1000

Color rendering index (CRI)

39 - 62

Light colour code

542 - 542


Lifetime (h)

Review(s) and rating(s)

0 1 2 3 4 (5,0/5)

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Review By Klaus Zimmerleiter,
Klaus Zimmerleiter
Everything ok, fast delivery! Good service!
okt 24, 2016 Verified Purchase

Review By Jernej,
Product is as described and all went smooth. Recomend
okt 23, 2016 Verified Purchase

Mercury lamps 

Mercury lamps

Mercury vapor lamps (HQL) are often used as light sources for street and factory lighting because of the low investment costs. They need a ballast but not an igniter. Because of their low efficiency, mercury vapor lamps consume much more electrical energy than metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps for example to achieve a certain quan...

  • Mixed

    Mercury mixed light lamps (HWL) have an yttrium vanadate fluorescent. In commercial applications, these lamps are the perfect alternative to high-wattage incandescent lamps because they last longer and do not require either a ballast or an igniter. Lighting outlets with high-wattage incandescent lamps can be easily upgraded. HWL lamps can therefore provide low-cost lighting installations for factories and other large buildings.

    Areas of application:

    • Factory and hall lighting with low-cost installations
    • Upgrading light fittings with high-wattage incandescent lamps
    • Factories and workshops
    • Pedestrian zones, public squares
    • Suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires
    • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires
  • De Luxe
    De Luxe

    Areas of application

    • Factories and workshops
    • Industrial installations
    • Streets
    • Car parks, courtyards
    • Pedestrian zones, public squares
    • Parks and gardens
    • Suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires
    • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires
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