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Lamp Cap (base)
Volt (V)
12 V - 12 V
Watt (W)
0 W - 100 W
Wattage Equivalent (W)
4 W - 4 W
Light color temperature - Kelvin (K)
2000 K - 6800 K
Lumen (lm)
3 lm - 3350 lm
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
5 lm/W - 100 lm/W
IP Protection (IP)
ECE code
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Lumilux T2 FM 11W 740 840 421.5mm

Bonne lumière, allumage instantané. Durée de vie moyenne (2 ans).

Geraldine, 15 Apr 2021

BR125 IR 250W E27 Red

super žarnica
Žarnico uporabljamo za gretje in za ugodne učinke infrardeče svetlobe.

guest, 15 Apr 2021

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Ultra Vitalux 300W E27

Ultra Vitalux 300W E27

53,10 € 59,00 € -10%

UV lamp for technical applications: Sunlight simulation, glue curing, artificial material aging, exposure of UV-sensitive photoresist coatings, terrariums, equine solaria.

Car bulbs - 12V

Car bulbs - 12V

Reliable lighting on a car is essential for a safe journey. Modern light solutions provide an optimally lit driving area and permit even faster recognition of signs, obstacles and hazards. Improved brightness values also improve your driving experience. It is easier on your eyes, the risk of fatigue is reduced and each destination can be reached safely.


  • Light bulbs for the interior of the car

    Light bulbs for the interior of the car

    Light bulbs for the interior of the car can be replaced, for example, as a reading light or with the lighting of the glove compartment, the trunk or the cockpit instruments.

  • Lamps for car headlights

    Lamps for car headlights

    Lamps for car headlights with top quality and impressive brightness, a reliable service life and an excellent price-performance ratio. Do you want a standard light solution which is actually better than the norm? Then the Osram ORIGINAL LINE halogen lamp is exactly what you want. Whether used as standard original equipment for cars or as a spare part, this family of lamps has already proven its worth millions of times in the new models made by renowned car manufacturers. Each ORIGINAL LINE combines top quality and impressive brightness, a reliable service life and an excellent...

  • HID Xenon car lamps

    HID Xenon car lamps

    High pressure gas discharge HID Xenon car lamps are predestined for use in passenger cars. They supply large quantities of light, offer very intensive illumination of the road and set high standards with regards to efficiency and service life. XENARC lamps are only approved for use in special xenon headlamps.

  • Lamps for motorcycles

    Lamps for motorcycles

    Particularly with motorcycles and mopeds, optimal lighting is of decisive importance: In darkness, motorcycles are considerably more difficult to see than passenger cars. In addition to that, even small obstacles and pot holes can pose serious risks to the rider. Therefore, they must be able to rely 100% on their lamps and headlamps. The right light bulb makes a motorcycle highly visible to all motorists, gives the rider a perfect view of the road and thus guarantees the highest level of safety in bad visibility.

  • Car bulbs for upgrading - Tuning

    Car bulbs for upgrading - Tuning

    Here you can find exclusive and high-quality headlamps for headlights, tail lights, fog lights and signal / side lights. All in several different versions.

  • Spare car lamps kit

    Spare car lamps kit

    Car lighting is the key to safety on the road. Thus it is no surprise some countries demand that spare lamps be carried at all times. The Osram spare lamp box means that you always carry the right spare lamps with you. Thus, in an emergency, you don't need to spend a lot of time searching for a workshop and can eliminate faults yourself, quickly and without fuss. This is why the box has been designed in a particularly user-friendly way. Its label informs you about the equipment inside it and provides all the necessary technical data. The diagram on the back shows where and how each lamp is...

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