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8 € - 48 €
Volt (V)
220 V - 235 V
Watt (W)
100 W - 2000 W
Light color temperature - Kelvin (K)
2350 K - 2500 K
Lumen (lm)
2250 lm - 2250 lm
Beam angle - degrees (°)
30 ° - 30 °
PY21W 12V 21W BAU15s LongLife EcoVision

Tired of changing your signaling and interior bulbs all the time? With up to 4x the lifetime of a standard car bulb, LongLife EcoVision is the best choice for drivers seeking to minimize maintenance on their vehicles.

IR Infrared heating lamps

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

IR Infrared heating lamps

Infrared light has been proven to effectively relieve aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints. The comfortable warmth created by  infrared light penetrates deep into your skin, stimulates blood circulation and warms your muscles. As your muscles are soothed, they automatically loosen up and relax. Because it makes the tissue more pliable, warmth also reduces stiffness and makes joints more flexible.

Areas of application

  • Plastics, paper and printing industries
  • Drying paint and varnishes
  • Keeping food warm in restaurants
  • Manufacture of PET bottles
  • Professional grills and heated counters in restaurants
  • For use in professional indoor and outdoor infrared heating systems
  • For use in special systems in automobile paint shops for drying paint
  • Source of heat for raising young animals
  • Intensive drying of agricultural products
  • Pasteurizing and drying in the food industry
  • Body care
  • Wellness
  • Cosmetic beauty treatment
  • Relaxation zones in swimming pools or saunas
  • Domestic wellness treatments
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