Philips HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 HE III 220-240V








HF-Performer III TL5 is a sustainable, slim and high-frequency electronic ballast for TL5 fluorescent lamps. It is ideal for applications where high energy efficiency is required.

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    Application code III
    Rated Lamptype TL5 HE
    Rated Number of Lamps 2 piece [2]
    Rated Ballast-Lamp Power 14/35W
    Line Voltage 220-240V
    Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Housing L 360x30x22
    Energy Efficiency Index A2 BAT
    Lifetime 90% surv.@Tcaselife 53000 hr
    Ignition Method Programmed Start

    Automatic restart Yes
    Ignition time 1.2 (max) s
    Operating frequency 46 kHz
    Mains voltage safety (AC) -10%/+10%
    Mains voltage performance (AC) -8%/+6%
    Inrush current Peak 24 (max) A
    Inrush current Width 0.25 ms
    Earth leakage current 0.5 mA
    Power losses gear 2.8-5.6W
    Constant wattage deviation -2%/+2%
    Ballast Lumen Factor 0.925 -
    PowerFactor 100% output power 0.94 -
    Battery voltage lamp ignition 176-276V
    Battery voltage running lamps 176-276V
    Overvoltage protection 320Vac 48 hr
    Overvoltage protection 350Vac 2 hr
    Crestfactor 1.7 (max) -
    Hum and Noise level < 30 dB(A)

    Cable-Cap outputwires to earth 200 pF
    Cable-Cap outputwires mutual 200 pF
    Conn.type input terminals WAGO 251 universal connector [Suitable for both automatic wiring (ALF and ADS) and manual wiring]
    Conn.type output terminals WAGO 251 universal connector [Suitable for both automatic wiring (ALF and ADS) and manual wiring]
    Max. cable length Hot Wires 0.75 m
    Striplength 8.0-9.0 mm
    Dual fixture Master/Slave Not applicable [Master/Slave oper. not applicable]
    Wcs Input terminals 0.50-1.00 mm2
    Wcs Output terminals 0.50-1.00 mm2

    Rated Lamp Power on TL5 HE 14/35W
    System Power on TL5 HE 36.8/75.6W
    Lamp Power on TL5 HE 28.0/70.0W
    Power Loss on TL5 HE 2.8/5.6W

    T-case life 80 C
    T-case maximum 80 (max) C
    T-ignition -25 (min), 60 (max) C
    T-ambient -25 (min), 60 (max) C
    T-storage -40 (min), 80 (max) C

    Bal Lm Fac Emergency operation 0.7 -
    Light output after 5 sec 50% of EBLF
    Light output after 60 sec 100% of EBLF
    Normal operating voltage (DC) 220-240V
    Batt volt guaranteed ignition 186-275V
    Batt volt guaranteed operation 176-275V

    Length A1 360.0 mm
    Fixing Hole Distance Length A2 350.0 mm
    Width B1 30.0 mm
    Height C1 22.0 mm
    Fixing Hole Diameter D1 4.2 mm

    Approval marks ENEC / VDE-EMV
    CE marking Yes
    Temperature marking 110 [Yes]
    Emergency standard IEC 60598-2-22

    An energy-efficient solution
    -The programmed start enables the lamp to be switched on and off without reducing useful lamp life.
    -DC emergency operation in line with IEC/EN 60598-2-22 luminaire norms
    -Smart power ensures constant light, irrespective of mains-voltage fluctuations
    -Suitable for luminaires in protection class I and, after testing, class II
    -The universal connector Wago 251 offers the flexibility for horizontal-manual or push-in robot wiring or vertical ALF-robot wiring.

    -Robust design for 100,000 hours lifetime at Ta=50 ˚C and over 100,000 on/off switching operations on one lamp
    -Programmed, flicker-free, pre-heated start (< 0.5 s) which allows the lamp to be switched on and off without reducing useful lamp life
    -Active power factor correction to ensure constant light, irrespective of mains-voltage fluctuations
    -The unit is protected against excessive mains voltage and incorrect connections.

    -Used with movement-detection control systems like Philips OccuPlus
    -Indoor applications, such as office buildings, hospitals, supermarkets, department stores, industrial premises and schools
    -Class I outdoor applications, e.g. industrial premises and parking lots

    Philips HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 HE III 220-240V 8711500999238 913713031166

    Data sheet
    Dimmable No
    Voltage - volt (V) 220-240
    Lifetime - hours (h) 53000
    Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 12
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