Reclamations and Returns


Due to their nature light bulbs are not included in the guarantee about proper functioning, so you can not return them if they do not work. Exceptions are those products which are specially marked as products with a guarantee.

If the package is visibly deformed or if there are any sounds of broken glass from the inside, you should demand a commission check with the courier. You should also demand that a damage report about the damage is written! Damage report must be signed by courier!

Requirements for reclamations:

  • To inform us, primarily use our store returns system, or secondary via email.
  • You must send us a photograph of the damaged article and of the package.
  • You must send us a damage report, signed by courier.
  • After our confirmation you must send us the product to this address: d.o.o., Cesta talcev 8, 1230 DOMŽALE, Slovenia, EU.
  • The method of shipment is at the discretion of the customer.
  • If the package does not arrive, we will not be able to accept your reclamation.

We will try to solve every reclamation, so that the customer will be satisfied.


By the EU law of the safety of customers you can return your product without giving any reason in 14 days from receiving the product.

The time limit begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, however not before receipt of the goods by the recipient (in case of recurring deliveries of similar goods not before receipt of the first partial delivery) and not before fulfilling our information obligations.

Requirements for returns:

  • Primarily use our store returns system (in orders history), secondary email or by sending the items back.
  • You must send us the items on your cost with copy of the invoice, to this address: d.o.o., Cesta talcev 8, 1230 DOMŽALE, Slovenia, EU.
  • The method of shipment is at the discretion of the customer.
  • Please note: For your own safety, please keep proof of postage when returning the goods within the framework of the right to cancel.
  • A refund, decreased for shipping costs,  would be done within 15 days after we will receive the package, in the same way as the payment was made.
  • The consumer will have to bear the products returning cost of delivery, furthermore if products are used, damaged, without the original packaging or with damaged original packaging, than the consumer will be charged with an adequate compensation due to the products lower value, which will be estimated and written in minutes when the products are returned.

Cancellation consequences

In case of cancellation both parties return payments and potential benefits (e.g. interest). If payments or benefits (e.g. usage compensation) cannot be returned in full, but only partially or in a worse condition, you are liable for monetary compensation. You are not liable for compensation only in the following situation: if the condition and operating depreciation stem from feature and operation review. “Feature and operation review” covers tests and examinations of the product, as is possible and usually occurs in a shop. Transportable products should be returned to us at our liability. Product return fees are covered by you. Products that cannot be transported will be transported by us. Payment reimbursements must be covered within 30 days. This time period starts for you when you cancel the order or return the product, and for us when we receive the order cancellation or the product.

Special warnings

If this contract is financed with a loan and subsequently cancelled, you are no longer bound by the loan agreement, if both contracts form a single economic unit.

This is especially applicable when we are also your lenders, or if your lender cooperates with us in regards of financing.
If the loan was already transferred at the time of cancellation or product return, the lender subrogates all our rights and obligations in terms of contract financing regarding the legal consequences of cancellation or product return. This does not apply in the event, when the subject matter of the contract represents the sale of financial instruments (e.g. securities, foreign currencies or derivatives). To avoid such contractual obligations, exercise your cancellation rights and also cancel the loan agreement, if you are entitled to such a cancellation.

Domžale, 10 Jan 2020

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