Delivery method, cost and order processing

For delivery of packages we use Pošta Slovenije, GLS, DHL and UPS delivery services. In the process of order creation, you choose the most convenient shipping option for you. Delivery price depends on the quantity and weight of the products ordered. The exact shipping cost is visible as soon as the product is added to the cart in the desired quantity.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer to d.o.o. (on offer / proforma invoice) delivery may be delayed as the order goes into the processing process only after payment is received to our TRR.

You can pick up the shipment in person or it can be picked up on your behalf by a proxy, legal representative or guardian.

The invoice for your order will be sent to your e-mail address with which you placed the online order. The invoice will also be included in the package in writing. reserves the right to divide the order into multiple shipments due to the different delivery times of the items in the order. In this case, the ordered items will be delivered to you individually in several shipments.

Tracking shipments

Our package tracking is the fastest way to check the status of your shipment. No need to call or e-Mail Customer Service - our online results give you real-time, detailed progress as your shipment speeds through one of ours curriers.

How to keep track of your package when shipped through shipping providers.

  • We have run across numerous customer questions such as "where their shipment is," or "when was it shipped," or "can you please provide the tracking number." The great thing about our service is that it is directly connected to our shipping providers tracking systems.
  • As soon as we create the shipping label, an email is generated and sent to the buyer with all tracking info, including the tracking number. If this email gets lost, a customer can go into the "Order Details" of the product and find the tracking number. It is displayed right next to the product, and is actually a link the customer can click to check package status.
  • Unfortunately, the info is usually not updated thoroughly until it is at their main branch of post office. But it still gives the customer a piece of mind when they realize that their package is on its way.

17Track help

Tracking shipments sent to any of the world's Posts. These data unfortunately are not always thoroughly updated. When you open the "17Track" window on the "Select Country" select the destination country of the parcel to see more tracking data transmitted from that country that are inherently more accurate.

Delivery by the Post of Slovenia and consequently the national Posts, unfortunately is not as traceable, fast and predictable, such as delivery via UPS or DHL. It is however extremely reliable, as only 3-5 pieces of the 1000 consignments worldwide are returned, and most of them due to incomplete addresses. Equally, its key advantage is the low price!
With this type of delivery you have to be patient, as it may from time to time take up to 3 week for a package to be delivered, although in the neighboring town a month earlier, a package arrived in 2 days - the example is from France. This occasionally occurs in all countries.

If you see in tracking window that the shipment is dispatched from the Post of Slovenia (SILJUA - [Departure to destination Country]) to your destination country, then the delivery time depends solely on your national post!

First scan/update: origin country upon receiving the parcel from us.
Second Scan/update: departure from the origin country. 
Third scan/update: arrival to the destination country.
Fourth scan/update: forwarding to the final local post office.
Fifth scan/update: final delivery of the parcel.
Ordinary post cannot track and update parcel statuses in between origin and destination country, because of the way the parcels travel; in a large bag or a box. Once the parcel arrives to the destination country, it is put out of the bag, and is scanned for the first time since leaving the origin country. Parcels are not scanned in any transit country, only the large bags which contain hundreds of parcels are scanned for their internal supervision.

Average transit times for different areas of the world are listed in the "Shipping" area. In any case, you can make inquiries on the status of delivery at your local Post office with your tracking number. In most cases, postal employees do have much more precise information that on the online service of the particular national post.

Domžale, 19 April 2021

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