Lamp holders G5 T5

Lampholder G5 84108 screw ring and foot gaskets IP67

534073-529836-108267 | Manufacturer: Vossloh Schwabe | EAN: 5413180060569 | MPN: 534073-529836-108267

For fluorescent lamps T5 (T16).

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G5 push-fit lampholder
Casing: PC, white, interior part: PBT GF
T140, nominal rating: 2/500
Push-in twin terminals: 0.5–1mm²
Push-fit foot for wall thickness: 1.4–2 mm
Type: 84108 system 151
Ref. No.: 534073

Screw ring for systems 151, 153 and 154
Ring: PBT GF, white, gasket: silicone
Type: 84103
Ref. No.: 529836

Foot gaskets for system 151
Ref. No.: 108267
Material: cellular rubber, black
Type: 98011 degree of protection IP67

Push-fit lampholders
This lampholder type, which is frequently found in surface-mounted ceiling and built-in luminaires, is pushed into the luminaire casing from above. The lampholder foot should protrude by no more than 4 mm to match the usual height of the spacing cams in the luminaire casing. These lampholders are mostly wired above the luminaire casing to the side of the lampholder. However, there are also lampholders on which the wiring runs through the lampholder foot, with the leads laid beneath the luminaire casing.

Data sheet

Data sheet: Lamp holders G5 T5 Lampholder G5 84108 screw ring and foot gaskets IP67

Factory Box - pieces (pcs)10

Download: Lamp holders G5 T5, Lampholder G5 84108 screw ring and foot gaskets IP67

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Molto soddisfatto
Il prodotto corrisponde alle aspettative. Molto soddisfatto.

5 - Rating

El producto es tal y como se muestra en la descripción, fácil de instalar y buen acabado. Excelente calidad y precio

5 - Rating

Bei den bestellten Lampenfassungen handelt es sich um Ersatzteile für eine Aquariumleuchte. Die ursprünglichen Fassungen wurden durch einen Defekt an den Leuchtstoffröhren beschädigt. Die gelieferten Fassungen waren zu 100% in Ordnung, preiswert und sehr schnell geliefert.

5 - Rating

Einwandfreie Originalware, vernünftige Verpackung, kurze Lieferzeit, gerne wieder.

5 - Rating

Manjka ocena odlično! Tako hitre dobave naročenega izdelka se nisem nadejal. Izdelek je kvaliteten. Škoda, da nimate tudi enakega okova (IP67) za sijalko T8 premera 26mm.

5 - Rating

Prodotto ottimo spedizione un po' lenta e difficilmente tracciabile, comunque mi sono arrivati.


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