Philips HID-PV C 35/S 220-240V CDM








Visoko kakovostna, kompaktna in lahka HID elektronska predstikalna naprava za optimalno in zanesljivo upravljanje z 20, 35, 50 in 70W CDM sijalkami.

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Rated Lamptype CDM
Rated Number of Lamps 1 piece
Rated Ballast-Lamp Power 35
Line Voltage 220-240V
Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
Housing /S
Suitable for Outdoor use No
Lifetime 90% surv.@Tcaselife 40000 hr

Automatic restart Yes
Ignition switch-off time 18 min
Ignition Voltage 4.0 (max) kV
Operating frequency * 0.14 kHz
Mains voltage safety (AC) -18%/+10%
Mains voltage performance (AC) -10%/+6%
Inrush current Peak 26 (max) A
Inrush current Width 0.25 ms
Power losses gear 4.5 W
Constant wattage deviation -3%/+3%
PowerFactor 100% output power 0.95 -
Overvoltage protection 320Vac 48 hr
Max ballast on MCB(16A type B) 24 x
Hum and Noise level 37 dB(A)

Cable-Cap outputwires mutual 100 pF
Connector type Insert
Max. cable length Device/Lamp 1.5 m
Wcs Ballast contacts 0.50-2.50 mm2

Active temperature protection Yes
T-case life 80 C
T-case maximum 80 (max) C
T-ambient -20 (min), 55 (max) C
T-storage -25 (min), 80 (max) C

Length A1 109.6 mm
Fixing Hole Distance Length A2 98.5 mm
Width B1 74.4 mm
Fixing Hole Distance Width B2 63.7 mm
Height C1 32.2 mm
Fixing Hole Diameter D1 4.9 mm

High-quality, compact and lightweight HID electronic gear for optimal and reliable performance of 20, 35, 50 and 70W CDM lamps.

-Minimal lamp power spread
-Low gear energy losses
-Lamp end-of-life detection
-High Tambient and Tcase temperatures
-Long lifetime of 40,000 hours

-Accent and decorative lighting for shops, public spaces, lobbies and offices
-Suitable for indoor use only

Philips HID-PV C 35/S 220-240V CDM 8711500881687 913700652766

Tehnični podatki
Možnost zatemnitve Ne
Napetost - volt (V) 220-240
Moč - watt (W) 35
Poraba energije - (kWh / 1000h) 35
Življenska doba - ure (h) 40000
Tovarniško pakiranje - kosov (kos) 10
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Absolutely fabulous. Saved my lads a lot of time - no need to replace igniter, ballast, ... All in one - great operation, and so far reliable and stable lighting - pretty sure we might not have to change them again until the bollard-lights are being removed in the far future.
And your response time is extremely good.
Thanks for a job well done.

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