Osram Dulux BLUE 18W/71 uv-a Medical Therapy Jaundice








DULUX BLUE are special lighting solutions for bilirubin therapy. These compact fluorescent lamps emit light in the visible blue spectral range. They offer impressive efficiency, long life and high quality.

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Nominal wattage 18W
Rated wattage 0.018 kW
Lamp voltage 110V
Lamp current 0.37 A

Diameter 18.0 mm

Base (standard designation) 2G11
Footnote only for product 4.2 W at 400…550 nm

Bilirubin therapy lighting – effective and efficient
Placing new born babies under blue light is a preferred method of treating them for jaundice. The short-wave light enables the bilirubin to change into a water-soluble isomer. It can then be excreted from the body.

This treatment, also known as phototherapy, calls for lamps of exceptional efficiency, quality and durability. OSRAM offers lighting solutions that have been designed specifically for this application.

Osram Dulux BLUE 18W/71 uv-a Medical Therapy Jaundice 4008321198884 DULUX-BLUE-18-71

Data sheet
It needs ballast Yes
Base/Sockel 2G11
Wattage - watt (W) 18
Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h) 18
Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 10
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