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Lamp Cap (base)
Energy Efficiency Class
Volt (V)
Beam Angle (°)
10 ° - 40 °
Kelvin (K)
2500 K - 7250 K
Lumen (lm)
650 lm - 360000 lm
Candela (cd)
2100 cd - 61000 cd
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
31 - 123
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
20 - 3500
Color rendering index (CRI)
57 - 96
Light colour code
542 - 960
Lifetime (h)

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Plant manager
These bulbs were the exact match. They work great and were reasonably priced. They take a little while to get to Canada but other then that the order ...

By Chris Strasbourg on 10/07/2017
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Recu exactement le produit montré. Fonctionne OK.

By Loic D on 06/07/2017
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Metal Halide lamps 

Metal Halide lamps
The low-cost alternative among metal halide lamps. These lamps incorporate quartz technology and operate on the basis of a discharge vessel (arc tube) made of transparent high-temperature-resistant quartz glass that can withstand temperature changes. Metal halide lamps are available in many different designs and wattages. The numerous advantage...


  • Ceramic technology

    Ceramic technology

    Ceramics can withstand higher temperatures than quartz. The wall temperatures can therefore be raised which means the proportion of filler materials in the plasma can also be increased. HCI technology has further improved the luminous efficacy and color rendering of the lamps.

    Ceramics are less susceptible to attack from the corrosive metal halide filler and less porous for filler components. Both offer a longer service life than lamps with quartz burners. In the second improved generation of OSRAM ceramic lamps, the ceramic burner has been designed to be round.

    Advantages of ceramic technology

    • Very high efficiency
    • Good to very good color reproduction
    • Excellent color stability
    • Very good light flux performance over the lifetime
    • Low dependency on burning position
    • High reliability thanks primarily to reduced ceramic corrosion
  • CDM-R


    Range of compact, high-efficiency, discharge reflector lamps with a stable colour over lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light.

    Beautiful sparkle, simple use

    • High lamp efficacy results in low operating costs and low heat generation
    • Long lamp life compared with incandescent and halogen lamps
    • Stable color impression over lifetime


    • Crisp white light
    • Superior color quality
    • High beam intensities are achieved very easy and efficiently from these compact reflector lamps


    • Shops and shop windows, offices and public buildings
    • Decorative outdoor: floodlighting and pedestrian areas
  • CDM-R111


    The MASTERColour CDM-R111 combines the trendy look of the 111 mm aluminium reflector halogen lamps with the long life, high energy efficiency and crisp white light of MASTERColour CDM.


    • High lamp efficacy
    • Long lamp lifetime compared to incandescent and halogen lamps
    • The ceramic discharge tube is optimally and stable positioned in the reflector
    • Twist & Lock system
    • UV-Block burner capsule
    • Anti-glare cap design


    • Accent and decorative lighting: display lighting with sparkling, theatrical effects, even in surroundings with very high background ambient light levels like shop windows
    • General lighting: in downlighters, a warm and comfortable atmosphere can be created
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Showing 1 - 15 of 76 items

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