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12 € - 587 €
Volt (V)
98 V - 380 V
Watt (W)
20 W - 3500 W
Light color temperature - Kelvin (K)
2500 K - 7250 K
Lumen (lm)
650 lm - 360000 lm
Color rendering index - CRI
57 - 96
Beam angle - degrees (°)
10 ° - 40 °
H11 12V 75W 62211 CBB Cool Blue Boost Double pack

H11 12V 75W 62211 CBB Cool Blue Boost Double pack

38,57 € 40,60 €

Besides wild drifts and impressive maneuvers, vehicle light is also responsible for a cutting a good figure on off-road terrain. For drivers oriented to design, can offer COOL BLUE BOOST lamps with a color temperature of 5000K. They provide not only an impressive blue light, but also looks of amazement among the spectators.

Metal Halide lamps

Showing 1 - 48 of 65 products
Showing 1 - 48 of 65 products

Metal Halide lamps

The low-cost alternative among metal halide lamps. These lamps incorporate quartz technology and operate on the basis of a discharge vessel (arc tube) made of transparent high-temperature-resistant quartz glass that can withstand temperature changes. Metal halide lamps are available in many different designs and wattages. The numerous advantages of metal halide lamps open up a wide range of possibilities in professional industries with varying requirements, such as trade fairs, architecture, industrial or street lighting and sports fields.

Advantages of quartz technology

  • Tried and tested lamp technology
  • Available in a variety of wattages, from 70W to 2000W
  • Light colors from 3000K to 7250K
  • Good optical properties thanks to transparent arc tube
  • Long service life
  • High luminous flux
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