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38 € - 93 €
International Protection Marking - (IPXX)
20 - 20
Volt (V)
220 V - 220 V
C5W 12V 5W 6418 ULT SV8.5 Ultra Life

C5W 12V 5W 6418 ULT SV8.5 Ultra Life

0,88 € 0,93 €

In contrast to conventional halogen light solutions, they stay lit up to three times longer and are thus recommended for drivers who are often on the road. The light sources are intended for all lamps on the exterior of the vehicle. Whether for parking, position, fog, license plate, indicator or brake lighting.

Ballasts, electronic, dimmable 1-10V

Showing 1 - 26 of 26 products
Showing 1 - 26 of 26 products

Ballasts, electronic, dimmable 1-10V

Dimmable ballasts (control gear) ECGs with the 1...10V interface have an attractive price/performance ratio and are very versatile.

Modern dimmable ballasts (control gear) ECGs with 1...10V interfaces in combination with the appropriate controllers and sensors provide the basis for simple and cost-effective lighting systems.

They have become established as the standard for simple lighting solutions. Dimmable ballasts (control gear) ECGs and controllers are connected to one another via a poled two-wire control line. The control voltage is determined by the dimming setting of the connected ECGs.

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