Philips 6 x HOK 25/120 2500W pp D RX15sp








Živosrebrne sijalke srednjega pritiska so dosegljive v širokem razponu, z lokom dolžine med 10 in 140 centimetrov. Žarnice lahko vgradimo na različne načine z našega kataloga, ali pa jih opremimo s posebnimi kabli in pini.

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Cap-Base RX15sp
Cap-Base Information Cable 250mm
Execution Pinch Protection
Operating Position p10
Main Application Curing

Lamp Wattage 2500W
Lamp Wattage Technical 3100W
Lamp Voltage 410 (min), 440 (nom), 470 (max) V
Lamp Current 7 A
Ignition Time 10 (max) s
Re-ignition Time 10 (max) min
Dimmable No
Consumed Watt per cm 120 W/cm

Pinch Temperature 420 (max) C
Bulb Temperature 600 (min), 900 (max) C

Overall Length C 367 (max) mm
Diameter D 21.6 (max) mm
Arc Length O 250 mm

Medium Pressure-High power, small footprint
-Security of effective disinfection over the complete lifetime of the lamp
-High system efficacy because it is not required to over-design the purification system to maintain effectiveness of disinfection
-The unique P3 technology allows for more design freedom, longer lamp life, better lifetime reliability (reduced early failures) and better performance
-Lamps can be custom made

Medium Pressure Mercury lamps are available in a wide range with an arc length between 10 and 140 centimeter. The lamps can be fitted with various types of end fitting from our catalogue, or equipped with customer special fittings, cables or pins. The lamps are made from selected types of quartz glass, with transmission characteristics tailored to the application. Medium Pressure Mercury lamps contain sophisticated quantities of mercury bromides, providing a self-cleaning halogen cycle, to control the depreciation of UV radiation over lamp life.

-Short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UVC) for disinfection
-Precisely dosed quantities of mercury bromides providing a self-cleaning halogen cycle to ensure constant UV output over the complete lifetime of the lamp
-Available with patented P3 (Philips Pinch Protection) technology to secure optimal lifetime behavior including higher heat tolerance on the pinch
-HOK /80 and /120 lamps can be loaded up to 80 and 120W respectively per cm of arc length
-Horizontal burning position +/-10°
-Different dimensions available on request

-Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms
-Water treatment (waste-, drinking- or process water)
-Surface treatment
-Advanced oxidation (with special quartz glass)
-Ship ballast water treatment

-A choke and ignitor can be used at up to 2 kW lamp power
-A transformer-type circuit is required for lamp powers over 2 kW
-Information on electronic drivers available on request

Philips 6 x HOK 25/120 2500W pp D RX15sp 8727900942729 928183105105

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Možnost zatemnitveNe
Moč - watt (W)2500
Poraba energije - (kWh / 1000h)2500
Tovarniško pakiranje - kosov (kos)6
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