Osram Xenarc D1S 35W HID Xenon 66140 PK32d-2








XENARC ORIGINAL LINE iz OSRAM-a je sinonim za največjo učinkovitost. V primerjavi s halogenskimi žarnicami, zagotavlja do 100% več svetlobe, svetlobno učinkovitost pa poveča za do 300%.

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Power input 35W
Nominal wattage 35W
Nominal voltage 85V
Power input tolerance ±3 %
Test voltage 13.5V

Color temperature 4100 K
Luminous flux 3200 lm
Luminous flux tolerance ±15 %

Length 80.0 mm
Diameter 9.0 mm

Lifespan B3 2000 h
Lifespan Tc 3000 h

Base (standard designation) PK32d-2

ECE category D1S
Approval marks – approval GOST

Product benefits
-OEM Quality
-Wide product range
-Reliable quality
-4 year guarantee

Areas of application

Product features
-Original spare parts

Safety advice
XENARC lamp change is recommended to be carried out by a professional.

The XENARC ORIGINAL LINE from OSRAM is a synonym for maximum performance. Compared to halogen lamps, it can deliver up to 100 % more light with a luminous efficiency increased by up to 300 %. In addition to that, at 4100 Kelvin, the lamp can offer a color temperature considerably closer to daylight. This means that the road surface is illuminated better and signs of fatigue are reduced. The driver's concentration remains higher allowing him to see obstacles, or signs early on and react to them. Even oncoming traffic can profit from the XENARC ORIGINAL LINE lamps: The light scatter of the modern light systems is reduced to a minimum, meaning that problematic blinding effects do not even occur. The extreme service life of the lamps is also impressive and usually covers the life expectancy of an average vehicle. This means less waste, which is environmentally-friendly.

Osram Xenarc D1S 35W HID Xenon 66140 PK32d-2 4008321184276 66140

Tehnični podatki
Potrebuje predstikalno napravoDa
Možnost zatemnitveDA, z DIMM predstikalno napravo
Moč - watt (W)35
Svetlobni tok - lumen (lm)3200
Svetlobni izkoristek sijalke - (lm / W)91
Barvna temperatura svetlobe - kelvin (K)4100
Poraba energije - (kWh / 1000h)35
ECE oznakaD1S
Življenska doba - ure (h)3000
Tovarniško pakiranje - kosov (kos)10
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  • Lumen - Lm

    The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Luminous flux differs from power (radiant flux) in that radiant flux includes all electromagnetic waves emitted, while luminous flux is weighted according to a model of the human eye's sensitivity to various wavelengths. Lumens are related to lux in that one lux is one lumen per square meter.

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