Philips MasterColour Cdm-Rm Mini 35W-942 MR16 GX10 25D








The easy way to reflect more sparkle. The new Philips MASTERColour CDM-R mini brings trusted MASTERColour quality to 50mm reflector lamps with the superior output and colour stability to create the right atmosphere to match your customers' retail brand and positioning.

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Philips MasterColour Cdm-Rm Mini 35W-942 MR16 GX10 25D

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    Cap-Base GX10
    Bulb MR16 [2inch/50mm]
    Operating Position any [Any or Universal (U)]
    Life to 5% failures 5000 hr
    Life to 10% failures 6000 hr
    Life to 20% failures 7000 hr
    Life to 50% failures 9000 hr

    Beam Angle 25 D
    Beam Angle Technical 19 (min), 25 (nom), 31 (max) D
    Luminous Intensity 5500 cd
    Color Code 942 [CCT of 4200K]
    Color Rendering Index 87 (min), 90 (nom) Ra8
    Color Temperature 4200 K
    Color Temperature Technical 4200 K
    Forward Luminous Output 1710 (min), 1900 (nom) Lm
    Forward Luminous Efficacy 46 Lm/W
    LLMF - end nominal lifetime 68 %
    Forward Lum Maintenance 2000h 85 %
    Design Mean Lumens EL 1550 Lm
    Chromaticity Coordinate X 0.377 -
    Chromaticity Coordinate Y 0.373 -
    Luminous flux in 90° cone 1700 Lm

    Lamp Wattage 35W
    Lamp Voltage 85V
    Lamp Current EL 0.460 A
    Ignition Time 30 (max) s
    Run-up time 90% 3 (max) min
    Re-ignition Time [min] 15 (max) min
    Dimmable No
    Warm-up Time to 60% Light Outp 120 s

    Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) A
    Mercury (Hg) Content 3.4 mg
    Energy consumption kWh/1000h 43 kWh

    Damage Factor D/fc 0.4 (max) -
    PET (NIOSH) 8 (min) h500lx

    Switching cycle 800X

    Reflector Neck Temperature 315 (max) C

    Reference Length A 59 (max) mm
    Overall Length C 62.75 (nom), 65.4 (max) mm
    Overall Length Rim C1 60.9 (max) mm
    Diameter D 50 (nom), 51 (max) mm

    Beautiful sparkle, easy application
    -The miniaturized 50mm CDM reflector lamp makes it possible to use the smaller fixtures and has less clutter in the ceiling
    -Suitable for open luminaries, Easy installation and easy maintenance
    -Saves up to 60% energy compared to low voltage halogen lamps. Relatively low heat output
    -This lamp gives the crisp white lighting effect with excellent colour stability

    -Miniatuzied 50mm CDM reflector lamp
    -High beam intensity
    -Long lamp lifetime compared to halogen lamps
    -Twist and lock system

    -Miniaturized crisp white light system for superior accent and general lighting in shops

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    Data sheet
    It needs ballast Yes
    Energy Efficiency Class A
    Base/Sockel GX10
    Wattage - watt (W) 35
    Light color temperature - kelvin (K) 4200
    Light color code 942
    Color rendering index - CRI 90
    Beam angle - degrees (°) 25
    Luminous intensity - candela (cd) 5500
    Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h) 35
    Switching Cycle 800
    Lifetime - hours (h) 9000
    Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 12
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