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Lamp Cap (base)
Beam Angle (°)
95 ° - 95 °
Kelvin (K)
6000 K - 6000 K
Lumen (lm)
530 lm - 160000 lm
Candela (cd)
100 cd - 3000 cd
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
4 - 289
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
75 - 3600
Color rendering index (CRI)
95 - 96
Lifetime (h)

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Plant manager
These bulbs were the exact match. They work great and were reasonably priced. They take a little while to get to Canada but other then that the order ...

By Chris Strasbourg on 10/07/2017
Verified Purchase

Recu exactement le produit montré. Fonctionne OK.

By Loic D on 06/07/2017
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XBO Xenon short arc 

XBO Xenon short arc
Light for cinema film projection – classic and in a class of its own

Lighting for 35 mm film projectors is essential in every cinema. Despite the digital revolution the 35 mm film format continues to attract the public and invites them to enjoy the classic cinema experience.

Lamps for 35 mm film projectors have to have a high light output, optimu...


  • XBO With reflector

    XBO With reflector

    Lighting for microscopy and visual inspection – You can see perfectly right into the tightest corners.

    Lighting used for microscopy and visual inspections must be impressive down to the finest detail. Durable short-arc lamps are the perfect solution here and offer a suitable light solution for every application.

    Visible microscopy as well as qualitative and quantitative fluorescence microscopy in particular require highly effective light sources. These procedures form an elementary part of quality inspection and examination processes in industry and in science. So the lamps should always set a good example in terms of quality.

    Lighting for medical analyses – exact and effective

    Good lighting for medical analyses helps deliver precise results, for example in preventative investigations and blood analyses. Reliable and powerful light sources are essential here.

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