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4 € - 106 €


Beam Angle (°)

160 ° - 360 °

Kelvin (K)

3500 K - 8000 K

Lumen (lm)

2 lm - 300 lm

Candela (cd)

200 cd - 980 cd

Luminous efficacy (lm/W)

60 - 90

Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)

0 - 4

IP Protection (IP)


Lifetime (h)

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Product arrived on time. The package was packed perfectly and product was in good working order. Great pricing.

By Pamela on 15/01/2017

avec ce type de projecteur, quelles sont les références de lampes a éclairage jaune et éclairage blanc en 250w. les condensateurs sont-ils rempla...

By Gérard on 05/12/2016


At home or on the road, for sports and leisure activities, or as functional tools for everyday life: With their modern technology and well-thought-out details, the versatile, sturdy flashlights are a perfect fit with our modern times. Equipped with bright light-emitting diodes or HAL, xenon, krypton, or fluorescent bulbs. Dimmable models M...


  • Bike lights

    Bike lights

    The bicycle lights are highly efficient, durable and ensure improved visibility and conspicuousness on the road. The lamps are also insensitive to external effects, such as knocks and vibrations.

    Range of efficient bicycle front lights. The battery-operated front lights have the major benefit that they can be mounted and removed in next to no time, are lightweight and also fit into any pocket. The modern bike lights provide optimal luminous efficacy with minimum power consumption. Thus, cycling along forest paths and over rough terrain becomes possible with maximum illumination.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 52 items

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