Vossloh Schwabe PR 12 K LC Elektronsko močnostno stikalo



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Elektronsko močnostno stikalo za visokotlačne natrijeve sijalke HS do 600W in živosrebrne sijalke HM do 700W.

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For high pressure sodium lamps (HS) and mercury vapour lamps (HM)
For power reduction by using ballasts with multiple voltage tapping and superimposed ignitors
Casing: PC
Max. permitted casing temperature: 80°C
Screw terminals: 0.75–2.5 mm2
Fastening: male nipple with pre-assembled washer and nut
For luminaires of protection class I and II

Power reduction without control phase
Power switch Type: PR 12 K LC
Voltage AC, Hz: 220–230 ±10%, 50 220 ±10%, 60
Max. contact current A/λ: 8/0.5; 12/1
Inherent heating K: < 12
Integrated delay switching: selectable
Control phase for power reduction (circuitry logic): without control phase
Casing AxBxC (mm x mm x mm): 76x34x31

Advantages of PR 12 K LC:
-intelligent, auto-adaptive concept
-eliminates the time-consuming task of continually adjusting the times of power-reduced operation to suit constantly changing day-night cycles
-removes the need for making adjustments due to daylight-saving times
-easy programming via dial
-no additional control line necessary
-optimal suitable for the supplementary integration into existing luminaires
-suitable for luminaires of protection class I and II

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