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Product name: UVPRO K36-2
Power consumption, depending on the ballast, 230 VAC ± 10% [W]: 41/36
Emissions, depending on the ballast [W253, 7 nm]: 16/15
Intensity, depending on the ballast, distance to source 1 m [μW253, 7 nm/cm2]: 145/130
Replacement period, continuous operation (residual capacity 75% ± 5%) [h]: 12,000
Replacement interval, up to 3 starts / day [h]: 10,000
Start operations until failure (1 Ignition / 5 min): 7.000
Use temperature, optimal temperature [° C]: 0-15
Radiation arc (A) [mm]: 760
Tube length (B) [mm]: 842
Length, total (C) [mm]: 850
Ceramic base (D, K), Ř [mm]: two-pin socket collar, gray, 27
Röhrenzentrierung (S): Teflon, colorless
Labeling (F): name, warning, lot number, and CE.
Wire to the upper coil, insulation material (G): Teflon, white
Quartz glass emitter (H), diameter x wall thickness [mm]: 15 x 1.2
Quartz glass envelope tube (I), diameter x wall thickness [mm]: 24.5 x 1.5

UVPRO tubes are specifically produced and adapted for the application. The classification is carried out via the tube sockets (2-pin or 4-pin), the tube lengths (100-1000 mm), the glass specification (ozone-free or ozone producing tubes) and the glass structure (single-walled drying room tubes, double-walled immersion lamps and double-thermal tubes). Each pipe has its characteristic temperature / power curve and IP specification. All tubes are designed for a minimum of 12,000 hours of operation (<75% of the original rated power), but they hold in many applications up to 2 years in continuous operation. Of course you get with us not only the tubes for our current range of equipment but also replacement tubes for all of us sold in the last 12 years products. So even your older devices can still be fitted with UVC quality of UVPRO, there are also several special designs.

-Tube lengths of 100-1000 mm
-Immersion lamp and thermocouple tubes, 2-pin and 4-pin version
-Free ozone or ozone producing tubes
-All tubes with Teflon splinter protection according to HACCP and IFS

Orca UV Pro Tubes 36W 2P UV-PRO-36W-2P

Data sheet
It needs ballast Yes
Wattage - watt (W) 36
Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h) 36
Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 1
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