Varta LCD Charger 2400mAh with USB charging and 12V adaptor








The VARTA Charger range focuses on charging times and safety features: The most important features to look at when choosing the right charger for your energy requirements.

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    VARTA Type 57070
    Cell sizes AAA, AA
    Systems to charge Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

    Cell configurations:
    AAA 2 or 4 pieces
    AA 2 or 4 pieces

    Charge currents:
    AAA 350 mA
    AA 1400 mA 2AA, 700 mA 4AA

    Mode -Δ v / Temperature / Timer

    Control functions:
    Temperature fuse 60 °C (140 °F)
    Fuse location AC/DC adaptor
    Wrong polarity protection Electronic
    Bad cell detection Electronic

    -Blue LCD display
    -Power check function
    -Charge up to 4 batteries
    -2/4 AA or 2/4 AAA batteries
    -Fast charging (2-4 hours)
    -Desk charger
    -USB - charging (via Laptop, USB cable included)
    -Global voltage - worldwide use (100 - 240V)
    -12V Car adaptor
    -Trickle charge
    -Bad cell / Alkaline / wrong polarity detection
    -Minus Delta V
    -Temperature control
    -Safety Timer - no overcharging
    -3 years guarantee
    -Including 4 x AA Ready2Use batteries

    Charging time
    -2h Charging time

    Minus Delta V method
    -Method which takes advantage of the fact that the cell voltage reduces slightly in a rechargeable battery (- Delta V), as soon as the cell is completely charged.

    USB-in function 12V

    Bad cell & alkaline detection
    -Contains criteria for switching off to prevent charging of primary cells, defect cells or cells with reverse polarity.

    Trickle Charge
    -Prevents the natural self-discharging process of rechargeable cells.

    Temperature control
    -The temperature of the rechargeable battery is measured whilst it is charging. If this rises above a defined maximum temperature level the charger switches itself off.

    Timer cut-off
    -A timer switches off after a specified time irrespective of charging status.

    Varta LCD Charger 2400mAh with USB charging and 12V adaptor 4008496640324 57070

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