OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense car headlights

Posted on: 05 Mar 2010 | Author: svetila.com | Categories: General news

The latest generation Xenarc headlamp series from OSRAM has a particular advantage over conventional xenon headlamps: Xenarc Cool Blue Intense lamps produce a bluish-white light, which provides a very high-contrast light on the road and makes cars look great at night too. Its light is not filtered by coating the outer bulb but is coloured due to a new lighting technology. This increases its efficiency and light output.

OSRAM Xenarc Cool Blue Intense car headlights

The Xenarc Cool Blue Intense from OSRAM produces its bluish light due to a special filling system. This new development distinguishes Xenarc Cool Blue Intense lamps from their predecessors. With a colour temperature of up to 5,000 Kelvin, luminous flux of up to 3,400 lumens and light output of 89 lumens per watt these lamps are very efficient and compared with conventional coated xenon lamps they shine up to 20 percent more light on the road.

Daylight in the headlamp

The daylight-like headlamp light of OSRAM’s Xenarc Cool Blue Intense ensures less fatiguing driving. The clear outer bulb provides even light distribution, an especially long light cone and therefore the best possible on-road illumination. With its high-contrast, bluish-white light, dirt-covered road markings, pot holes or people can be seen in the dark more easily.

Besides this, OSRAM xenon lamps are particularly long-lasting with an effective life of up to 2,500 hours of operation, as a characteristic Weibull value (Tc) measurement has shown. This means that only after 2,500 hours of testing do 63.2 percent of lamps fail. Only three percent of lamps fail under lab conditions after 1,500 hours of continuous operation (B3 value). In comparison, several very low-priced Asian products often only achieve the ratings of a conventional halogen lamp of around 500–600 hours.

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