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39 € - 49 €
Lamp Cap (base)
Volt (V)
12 V - 12 V
Watt (W)
55 W - 55 W
Light color temperature - Kelvin (K)
3350 K - 3350 K
Lumen (lm)
1500 lm - 1650 lm
ECE code
Last Product Reviews
LiteLine EST 60/12.635 10 60W

Merci Svetila
Grâce à au site, j'ai pu me procurer ce petit transfo 12v afin de l'intégrer dans un luminaire ! Quasi introuvable ailleurs !...

Jean-françois Samyn, 21 Apr 2021

Lumilux T2 FM 11W 740 840 421.5mm

Bonne lumière, allumage instantané. Durée de vie moyenne (2 ans).

Geraldine, 15 Apr 2021

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UV C Light 60W E27

Portable UV-C disinfection Light 60W E27

181,28 € 190,82 € -5%

UV-C smart light for indoor disinfection with microwave (MV) sensor and remote control for safe operating. Effectively kills bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Colored ColorVision car headlight bulbs

Colored ColorVision car headlight bulbs

Designed for reflector optics -Philips ColorVision creates colored effects by reflecting light into the lamp optics. Switch on your headlamps and light up with a touch of color.

React faster with more light -Increased visibility is proven to help you react faster while driving. With 60% more light, ColorVision increases your visibility by 25 meters compared to standard lamps. Anticipate easier to any obstacles that might come your way.

A new coating technology -Thanks to a special coating on the lamps, Philips ColorVision adds a touch of color which is in line with European regulation. So you can customize your ride while still projecting safe white ligh

60% more white light -Thanks to its technology, Philips ColorVision lights up the road with 60% more white light than any other standard lamp. So you see the road ahead more clearly, while your optics add a touch of color

Road legal colored car lamps -ColorVision lamps comply with all ECE regulations and come with a certification card to prove they are road legal. Keep it with you in your car at all times.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

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