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2 € - 239 €
Energy Efficiency Class
Lamp Cap (base)
Volt (V)
4 V - 220 V
Watt (W)
0 W - 116 W
Wattage Equivalent (W)
35 W - 200 W
Light color temperature - Kelvin (K)
2700 K - 8400 K
Lumen (lm)
2 lm - 10400 lm
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
10 lm/W - 148 lm/W
Color rendering index - CRI
60 - 85
Beam angle - degrees (°)
8 ° - 360 °
IP Protection (IP)
Operation protocol
USB charger port
Power outlet/plug type
Type of installation
Last Product Reviews
LiteLine EST 60/12.635 10 60W

Merci Svetila
Grâce à au site, j'ai pu me procurer ce petit transfo 12v afin de l'intégrer dans un luminaire ! Quasi introuvable ailleurs !...

Jean-françois Samyn, 21 Apr 2021

Lumilux T2 FM 11W 740 840 421.5mm

Bonne lumière, allumage instantané. Durée de vie moyenne (2 ans).

Geraldine, 15 Apr 2021

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H7 12V 55W 64210 NBU Night Breaker Unlimited - Double pack

The ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive with more light for greater safety. Up to 110% more light on the road. Up to 40 m longer beam of light. Up to 20% whiter light.

Decorative Luminaires

Decorative Luminaires

Design and Decorative Selections, a creative approach illuminating contemporary living spaces with a highly personal touch of style. They come in coordinated sets of ceiling, floor, table and wall lamps, Led lighting and more. The materials and finishes of the lights add sophistication to any ambience. Moreover, these lights can be used with energy saving CFL lamps which allow you to make significant savings on your energy costs.


  • Outdoor luminaires

    Outdoor luminaires

    We offer unique outdoor lighting and luminaires for commercial and residential properties that are energy efficient, compatible with most existing lighting systems, and have a great design.

  • Led cabinet light

    Led cabinet light

    Led under cabinet lights provides illumination to the hard-to-reach nooks of your kitchen, wardrobe, or storage space while it’s energy-efficient qualities will save you money in the long-run by cutting down your electricity bill.

  • Led Downlights luminaires

    Led Downlights luminaires

    Led Downlights luminaires are for general illumination. They are easy to install, dimmable, nicely shaped, traditional or modern. Slim and compact design with integrated thermal management and high efficiency, so it is ideal for many lighting applications. Led Downlights luminaires provide optimum light distribution and extended lifetime at an affordable price. Led Downlights are fully compatible with existing conventional infrastructure and are an excellent choice for both new and replacement.

  • Led nightlights

    Led nightlights

    Modern Led lighting solutions are now available for the little ones! Led nightlight creates a pleasant calm atmosphere in children’s bedrooms. The unit contains a safety light and the top can be removed and used as a flashlight.

  • Flashlights and Torches

    Flashlights and Torches

    At home or on the road, for sports and leisure activities, or as functional tools for everyday life: With their modern technology and well-thought-out details, the versatile, sturdy flashlights are a perfect fit with our modern times. Equipped with bright light-emitting diodes (Led) or HAL, xenon, krypton, or fluorescent bulbs. Dimmable models Mini- or maxi-size Warning lights Morse code function

  • Desk luminaires, table lamps

    Desk luminaires, table lamps

    Desk luminaires, table lamps in elegant, traditional or modern design, with integrated Led or fluo lamps. With use in offices, workshops, or hobby basements, table lamps must be one thing above all: functional. In addition, however, in today’s modern world of office and residential lighting, design also plays a prominent role. The broad product range of table lamps offers the right thing for every need: from elegant, powerful designer reading lamps with innovative Led technology to economical work lamps for energy-saving and especially long-lived compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). With its...

  • Linear, Surface-mounted luminaires

    Linear, Surface-mounted luminaires

    Linear, Surface-mounted luminaires are practical solutions for lots of economical lighting. Functional, robust and with convenient use: batten luminaires for simple and highly diverse lighting solutions. They can be used individually or as strip lighting according to version, and can be mounted to walls and ceilings and also in coves – and with product versions with suitable accessories even suspended installation is possible. Various reflectors and covers are available. This allows for adapting to specific applications and requirements, for example direct or indirect, glare-free or...

  • Interior luminaires

    Interior luminaires

    Lighting fittings for interior use. Easy and quick to install. Ideal for residential and commercial applications. Light ideas for home and travel, with designs that meet the latest requirements; that not only beautify your life but also make it simpler. And common to all of them: top quality and long service life.

  • Motion sensing security luminaires

    Motion sensing security luminaires

    Next-generation Motion sensing security luminaires combining precision control with cut-off distribution for reduced glare and light pollution. Compact, smooth architectural design blends in any environment Built-in automatic sensitivity control keeps the sensor at optimum performance level regardless of the ambient temperature

  • Recessed luminaires

    Recessed luminaires

    Recessed luminaires makes an excellent and versatile source of light for the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, dining or living room and more.

  • Pendant, hanging, ceiling luminaires

    Pendant, hanging, ceiling luminaires

    Create the perfect lamp. Add modern style and effective lighting to your space. Pendant luminaires are a classic fixture that still convince with their practical character and highly decorative role.

  • Decorative lamp holders, lamp sockets

    Decorative lamp holders, lamp sockets

    Various decorative lamp holders,  lamp sockets for your individual creation. The decorative lamp holders is the perfect solution for living areas (living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms etc.) or for professional use (hotels, bars, boutiques etc.). They are all great for Led, halogen or energy-saving bulbs.

  • Decorative ceiling rosettes, ceiling cups

    Decorative ceiling rosettes, ceiling cups

    The ceiling rose is perfect for home environments and public spaces and it allows you to create a simple design with an impressive result. Ceiling roses come in a large range of shapes, sizes and surface colors. They are use to secure light fittings to ceiling surface and provide a removable wiring point.

  • Decorative cables

    Decorative cables

    An extensive range of decorative cables in a variety of colours. Ideal decorative cables to add style and design to your interior decor!

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