Orca UV Pro TS 40-2 UVC

UV-PRO-TS-40 - Orca - UV-PRO-TS-40

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Type: UVpro TS 40
Certificates: EMV, CE, IP68
Material: WN 1.4301, WN 1.4305
Ambient temperature [°C]: 0...+40
Tube type: UVpro K36-2/-4
Output radiation [W253,7 nm]: 16
Intensity at 1 m [μW/cm2]: 145
Tube replacement interval [h]: 12,000 (75 % ±5 % output performance)
Life expectancy electronics: > 10 years

Input power [W]: 41
Current flow [mA]: 175
Supply voltage [VAC]: 220...240 (50...60 Hz)
Tube length from screw joint [mm]: 814
Screw joint, wrench size [mm]: 34
Power cable length [m]: 10 (length customisable)

-Suitable for complete immersion (IP68)
-Easy installation, also subsequently
-For water tanks, humidifiers, cooling towers

UVpro TS 40 immersion radiator devices are ideal for reliable disinfection of water tanks, among others in humidifiers, air washers and cooling towers. By positioning directly in the reservoir not only the process water is effectively sterilised, but also prevents the formation of biofilms in the tank and on exposed surfaces.

Orca UV Pro TS 40-2 UVC UV-PRO-TS-40

Tehnični podatki
Možnost zatemnitveNe
Žarnica priloženaDa
Napetost - volt (V)230
Mednarodna oznaka zaščite - (IPXX)IP68
Tovarniško pakiranje - kosov (kos)1
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