Philips 20 x TUV 230W we xpt se G5.4x17q

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Philips Dynapower sistem je sestavljen iz elektronskega DynaPower gonilnika, ki operira z eno ali dvema TUV Amalgam 230W, 260W in 335W XPT sijalkama. Sistem je ekstremno zanesljiv in robusten. Gonilnik dovoljuje takojšnje varčevanje energije v primerjavi z drugimi gonilniki na trgu.

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Cap-Base G5.4x17q
Execution SE
Operating Position h45
Main Application Disinfection

Lamp Wattage 230W
Lamp Wattage Technical 240W
Lamp Current 3.06 A
Dimmable No

Overall Length C 1514 (max) mm
Diameter D 25 mm
Arc Length O 1400 mm

TUV Dynapower system- Extreme reliability
-Extreme reliability of driver; with annual failure rate of less than 1%
-Easier to maintain compliance with regulations thanks to reduced risk of failures
-Easier maintenance thanks to single lamp operation, allowing to detect easily which lamps need to be replaced
-Dimmable up to 60% power level for additional energy savings
-Best environmental choice thanks to maximum lifetime reliability, in combination with minimum substances, packaging and product weight

Philips Dynapower system consists of an electronic DynaPower driver that operates one or two TUV Amalgam 230W, 260W and 335W XPT lamps. This system is extremely reliable and robust. The driver allows for immediate energy savings compared to similar drivers on the market. Moreover, it can be dimmed down to 60% power level for additional energy savings. Further energy savings are realized by the TUV Amalgam XPT lamps, because they can be dimmed down to reach the same UV output as similar lamps on the market.

-Operates 230W, 260W and 335W TUV Amalgam XPT lamps
-Single lamp operation possible
-Cooler operating temperature for additional energy savings
-100% stress testing minimizing 0-hour failures
-Protection against voltage peaks
-Permanent overvoltage protection
-Approximately 20 seconds start-up time (compared with 90 seconds for similar drivers on the market)

-Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms
-Municipal drinking water treatment equipment
-Municipal waste water treatment equipment
-Process water treatment equipment

Philips 20 x TUV 230W we xpt se G5.4x17q 8711500214416 928104005112

Tehnični podatki
Možnost zatemnitve Ne
Okov/Podnožje G5.4x17q
Moč - watt (W) 230
Poraba energije - (kWh / 1000h) 230
Tovarniško pakiranje - kosov (kos) 20
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