Osram LOK-IT 1200W 80V 32 P50

382795 - Osram - 4008321382795 - LOK-IT 1200

Lok-it! – all the benefits of the modular system at a glance.

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Nominal wattage 1200W

Nominal luminous flux 20000 lm
Luminous flux 37500 lm
Color temperature 3200 K

Diameter 25.0 mm
Length 129.5 mm

Lifespan 300 h

Base (standard designation) -

Lok-it! – all the benefits of the modular system at a glance
-Lamp and holder from a single source
-Rapid relamping with bayonet lock
-Special locking mechanism provides a secure hold and prevents the lamp falling out during transport and operation
-eXtreme Seal technology for discharge lamps

Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and high internal pressure during operation, Lok-it! lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Appropriate filters must ensure that UV radiation is reduced to an acceptable level. Mercury is released if the lamp breaks. Special safety precautions must be taken. Information on safety and handling is available on request or can be found in the leaflet included with the lamp or in the operating instructions.

Osram LOK-IT 1200W 80V 32 P50 4008321382795 LOK-IT 1200

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