Vossloh Schwabe Okov G5 09105

870120 - Vossloh Schwabe - 4014364870120 - 100305

Za fluorescentne sijalke T5 (T16).

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G5 push-through/surface-mounted lampholder
Lamp axis push-through lampholder: 13.2 mm
Lamp axis surface-mounted lampholder: 15.2 mm
Casing: PC, white, T110
Nominal rating: 2/500
Push-in terminals: 0.5–1 mm2
Lateral fixing clips for wall thickness 0.5–1.5 mm
Fixing slot for screw M3

Push-through lampholders
Push-through lampholders are inserted from below through a cut-out in the luminaire casing and are secured by lateral catches. This type of lampholder is frequently used in luminaires on which the lampholder remains visible from the outside, e.g. in so-called strip lighting. The electrical leads are laid beneath the sheet metal level. Luminaire directive EN 60598-1 Para. 8.2 must be observed with regard to the luminaire.

Surface-mounted lampholders
The fastening system of surface-mounted lampholders usually consists of screws or rivets above a fixing level, along which the wiring is also laid. As this type of installation is usually too costly nowadays for large unit numbers, these lampholders are used almost exclusively for special applications, e.g. displays or illuminated advertisements

Vossloh Schwabe Okov G5 09105 4014364870120 100305

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El producto es como se muestra en la descripción, buena calidad y buen precio
Kvalitetni. Več načinov montaže.
Questo portalampada è perfetto in abbinamento ai neon Philips da 8W (G5) da me acquistati. L'inserimento del neon è pratico e veloce. Per ogni neon servono due portalampade. Per poter inserire il neon bisogna prima fissare al supporto la coppia di portalampade, usando una vite di diametro 3mm e preferibilmente due piccole rondelle.
Tempi veloci di consegna ed ottimi imballaggi
Produit conforme à mes espérances et livré rapidement
Envoi assez rapide et les articles étaient très bien emballés.
Ne pas hésitez.
Conform to the description, good quality and good price even including the shipping cost. The produc was received in France before the planned date.
Fred from France
ottimi portalampada ideale per neon g5
Articolo ben realizzato, tecnicamente valido.

Il servizio commerciale é ottimo, la consegna rapidissima, ho ricevuto la merce in 48 ore !!!

ottimi prodotti spedizione velocissima!
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