Osram Dulux Inteligent Facility DINT FCY 18W-825 E27










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Nominal wattage 18W
Nominal voltage 220…240V
Rated wattage 18W
Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power 80W
Power factor λ 0.55
Operating frequency 50…60 Hz
Nominal current 0.18 A
Energy consumption 18 kWh/1000h

Nominal luminous flux 1050 lm
Color temperature 2500 K
Rated luminous flux 1050 lm
Light color 825
Light color as per EN 12464-1 Warm Comfort Light
Color rendering group 1B
Color rendering index Ra ≥80
Warm-up time (60 %) 20.00 s
Starting time 0.5 s

Maximum diameter 45.0 mm
Overall length 140.0 mm

Mercury-free No
Lamp mercury content 1.3 mg

Nominal lamp life time 20000 h
Number of switching cycles 1000000
Rated lamp life time 20000 h

Base (standard designation) E27
Appropriate disposal acc. to WEEE Yes

Dimmable No
Energy efficiency class A

OSRAM DULUX INTELLIGENT Facility lamps are electronic compact fluorescent lamps for professional applications.

This professional energy-saving lamp is ideal for use in conjunction with automatic disconnection circuits and motion detectors and in stairwells.
It can be switched on and off any number of times throughout its life.

Product benefits
-Extremely durable due to extremly high switching resistance
-Much longer relamping intervals (compared with the standard reference product)
-Variable use at Direct Current and Alternating Current
-Extremely fast lumen ramp-up thanks to Quick Light Technology

Areas of application
-Where the lamps need to last a long time or have to withstand frequent on/off switching
-Installations with automatic disconnection circuits (e.g. in stairwells)
-Emergency lighting
-Hard-to-reach holders
-Wherever light is required quickly
-Hotels, restaurants, facility management
-Outdoor use in enclosed and ventilated luminaires only

Osram Dulux Inteligent Facility DINT FCY 18W-825 E27 4008321118356 DULUX-FACILITY-18-825-E27

Tehnični podatki
Možnost zatemnitve Da
Razred energijske učinkovitosti A
Okov/Podnožje E27
Napetost - volt (V) 240
Moč - watt (W) 18
Primerjalna moč - watt (W) 80
Svetlobni tok - lumen (lm) 1050
Svetlobni izkoristek sijalke - (lm / W) 58
Barvna temperatura svetlobe - kelvin (K) 2500
Koda barve svetlobe 825
Index barvnega upodabljanja - CRI 83
Poraba energije - (kWh / 1000h) 18
Preklopni cikel 1000000
Življenska doba - ure (h) 20000
Tovarniško pakiranje - kosov (kos) 10
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