Osram MiniBox za avtomobile 12V CLKM H7 ALBM 64210








Napake na avtomobilu se ponavadi pojavijo na dolgih potovanjih. Komplet rezervnih žarnic OSRAM, vam prihrani težave z iskanjem primerne delavnice ali prodajalne za nakup nadomestnih žarnic. To je kot škatla prve pomoči za avtomobilske žarnice. S komletom rezervnih žarnic lahko težavo odpravite sami.

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64210 H7
7506 P21W
7507 PY21W
7528 P21/5W
5007 R5W
2825 W5W

Mobile pit stop: the new spare lamp kit from OSRAM.

Defects on an automobile usually make themselves known on long journeys. The OSRAM spare lamp kit saves you the trouble of searching for a suitable workshop or retail outlet to purchase replacement lamps. It is like a first aid box for the automobile lights. You can therefore easily fix the problem yourself.

Always the right lamp to hand.
Safety is an absolute priority on the roads. The lights on a vehicle play a crucial role here. After all, if other drivers cannot see you and you cannot see them, you are simply an accident waiting to happen. In some countries, it is therefore a legal requirement to carry spare lamps. With a spare lamp kit from OSRAM, you will always have the right lamp for your vehicle. The label tells you what the kit contains, together with technical data. The picture on the back shows which lamp should go where. The minibox has an ergonomic shape and exclusive design. It contains the same assortment of lamps but is compact enough to be transported on a motorbike for example.

European countries in which it is a legal requirement to carry a spare lamp kit:

-Czech Republic

European countries in which carrying a spare lamp kit is recommended:


Perfectly equipped for people on the move.

-With the lamp kit, you will always have the right spare lamp to hand.
-Easy replacement by the roadside.
-Easy identification thanks to clear labeling and application picture.
-The minibox contains the same assortment of lamps but in a compact case

Osram MiniBox za avtomobile 12V CLKM H7 ALBM 64210 4050300876375 64210-BOX

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