Vossloh Schwabe Portalampada GU10, GZ10



Vossloh Schwabe





Per lampade ad incandescenza alogene a tensione di rete.

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1,17€tasse escl.

Peso: 0.02 kg
Consegna: 1 a 3 giorni
Condizione: Nuovo prodotto

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Base della lampada: GU10/GZ10
Materiale: LCP
Colore: Natura
Fissaggio: fori di fissaggio M3
Collegamento: Push-terminale doppia
nominale: 2 / 250
T-Marcatura: 270

push-in doppia terminali per conduttori flessibili con puntale in fine nuda del nucleo max. 1,8 mm di diametro.

Vossloh Schwabe Portalampada GU10, GZ10 4050732089794 108979

Scheda tecnica
Scatolificio - pezzi (PZ)10
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Super, produit répondant parfaitement à ce que j'ai demandé.

I could not buy this product from any of the DIY stores near to me and the companies that supplied the unit could not help. I just wanted the lamp hloders all they wanted me to buy was a new unit complete. I scoured the internet and found exactly what I wanted. I placed the order and I was amazed that it only took 3 to 4 days to arrive. Exactly what I wanted. Had to buy 3 but only wanted 2 because of the minimum price order required but that was of little consequence. Amazing service. Very pleased indeed. Have already recommended your company to others.

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