UV tanning beds lamps

Philips BodyTone St 25 100W 220V

903709 | Manufacturer: Philips | EAN: 8711500903709 | MPN: 928391830303

Philips tanning starters: a complete range of easy-to-install eco-friendly starters for tanning lamps operating on a conventional electromagnetic ballast.

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Factory Box - pieces (pcs): 25


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System Description Single
Cap-Base Information 2P
Color of the Housing Black

Lamp Wattage 25-100W
Voltage 220-240V
Pulse Voltage 800 (min) V
Non Reclosure Voltage 140 (min) V
Capacitor Yes

Ambient Temperature -15 (min), 75 (max) °C

Overall Length C 40.3 (max) mm
Overall Width E 21.5 (max) mm

-Narrowed starter shape and two extra notches (patented innovation)
-Flame-retardant components and UV-resistant canister
-Lead-free, and no radioactive substances

-Starter replacement recommended when replacing fluorescent lamps

-Ignite fluorescent lamps (all brands) operating on a conventional electromagnetic ballast.
-Bodytone Starter 25-100W - 220-240V~, 25-100W, Single application
-Bodytone Starter 120-180W - 220-240V~, 120-180W, Single application
-S12 Bodytone Starter 115-140W - 220-240V~, 115-140W, Single application
-S16 Starter 220-240~, 70, 75, 85, 100, 125W, Single application

Data sheet

Data sheet: UV tanning beds lamps BodyTone St 25 100W 220V

Voltage - Volt (V)220
Wattage - Watt (W)100
Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h)100
Factory Box - pieces (pcs)25

Download: UV tanning beds lamps, BodyTone St 25 100W 220V

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