Narva T8 LT 58W-073 G13 Blacklight blue







15058T8BLU 0001

Blacklight Blue lamps are low-pressure mercury-vapor fluorescent lamps. They have an inner envelope coated with a fluorescent powder that emits long-wave UV radiation to excite luminescence.

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    Cap-Base G13
    Bulb T8 [26 mm]
    Lifespan 24000 h

    Color Code 073
    Color Designation BLACKLIGHT blue

    Lamp Wattage 58W
    Lamp Voltage 110V
    Lamp Current 0.670 A

    Rated ambient temp.w.max.luminous flux 25.0 °C

    Mercury (Hg) Content 4.5 mg

    Base Face to Base Face A 1500.0 (max) mm
    Insertion Length B 1504.7 (min), 1507.1 (max) mm
    Overall Length C 1514.2 (max) mm
    Diameter D 26 (max) mm

    Radiators of the light colour BLACKLIGHT blue generate long wave UV light. The black glass ensures that practically no visible light but only UV radiation comes outside. Some typical applications are material analysis (hairline crack tests), checking bank notes and stamps or the fluorescent effects in discotheques.

    Narva T8 LT 58W-073 G13 Blacklight blue 4014501035689 15058T8BLU 0001

    Data sheet
    It needs ballast Yes
    Base/Sockel G13
    Wattage - watt (W) 58
    Light color code 073
    Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h) 58
    Lifetime - hours (h) 20000
    Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 25
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