Philips Actinic BL TL-d 30W-10 uv-a G13








Actinic UVA lamps are the ideal choice for cosmetic finger nail treatments, photopolymerization, reprographic processes and electronic insect killer systems.

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    Cap-Base G13
    Bulb T26
    Useful Life 7000 hr
    Life to 50% failures EM 13000 hr

    Color Code 10
    Color Designation (text) Actinic
    Depreciation 5000 hours 15 %
    Depreciation 2000 hours 10 %

    Lamp Wattage 30W
    Lamp Wattage Technical 30W
    Lamp Voltage 98V
    Lamp Current 0.36 A

    Mercury (Hg) Content 5.5 mg

    UV-A Radiation 100hr (IEC) 9.4W
    UV-B/UV-A (IEC) 0.6 %

    Base Face to Base Face A 894.6 (max) mm
    Insertion Length B 899.3 (min), 901.7 (max) mm
    Overall Length C 908.8 (max) mm
    Diameter D 28 (max) mm

    With an optimized spectrum matching the eye sensitivity of the housefly, Actinic BL TL(-K)/TL-D(-K)/TL-E/PL-S and PL-L lamps are perfect for attracting insects. They have virtually no UV-B output, and so are perfectly safe. What's more, with the lowest mercury content in the industry and being 100% lead-free, these lamps represent a very good environmental choice. Furthermore, the availability of a wide range of form factors (straight (T5, T8, T12), circular (TL-E) and compact (PL-S/PL-L)) and wattages enables you to make all kinds of designs for your electronic fly killers.

    -Emits long-wave UV-A radiation in the 350-400nm range
    -UV-B/UV-A ratio less than 0.1 % (UV-B 280-315nm)
    -100% lead-free
    -Low mercury content
    -Wide power range

    -Insect traps, Electronic Fly Killers (EFKs)

    Philips Actinic BL TL-d 30W-10 uv-a G13 8727900804164 928025401029

    Data sheet
    It needs ballast Yes
    Base/Sockel G13
    Wattage - watt (W) 30
    Light color code 10
    Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h) 30
    Lifetime - hours (h) 13000
    Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 25
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