Philips Master Son PIA Plus 100W E40










High Pressure Sodium lamp with opalized ovoid outer bulb, high output and long reliable lifetime.

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Philips Master Son PIA Plus 100W E40

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    System Description External Ignitor
    Cap-Base E40
    Bulb B75 [B 75mm]
    Bulb Finish Coated
    Operating Position any [Any or Universal (U)]
    Life to 5% failures 17000 hr
    Life to 10% failures 21000 hr
    Life to 20% failures 26000 hr
    Life to 50% failures 36000 hr

    Color Code 220 [CCT of 2000K]
    Color Rendering Index 25 (max) Ra8
    Color Temperature 2000 K
    Luminous Flux EM 25°C, Rated 9700 Lm
    Lum Efficacy Rated EM 25°C 97 Lm/W
    LLMF EM 2000h Rated 98 %
    LLMF EM 4000h Rated 96 %
    LLMF EM 6000h Rated 95 %
    Chromaticity Coordinate X 535 -
    Chromaticity Coordinate Y 420 -

    Lamp Wattage 100W
    Lamp Wattage EM 25°C, Nominal 100.0W
    Lamp Wattage EM 25°C, Rated 100.0W
    Lamp Voltage 100V
    Lamp Current EM 1.2 A
    Ignition Time 5 (max) s
    Run-up time 90% 4 (max) min
    Dimmable Yes
    Re-ignition Time [sec] 120 (max) s
    Ratio scotopic/photopic lumens 0.55 -

    Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) A+
    Mercury (Hg) Content 16 mg
    Energy consumption kWh/1000h 110 kWh

    Cap-Base Temperature 200 (max) C
    Bulb Temperature 350 (max) C

    Overall Length C 186 (max) mm
    Diameter D 76 (max) mm

    -High efficacy/lumen output resulting in low energy cost
    -Long and reliable lifetime reducing maintenance cost
    -Constant light over lifetime

    -Ovoid, white coated outer bulb
    -Ceramic discharge tube with Unique Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) concept enabling long and reliable lifetime
    -Plus concept with high efficacy translates into high light output and improved lumen maintenance
    -Robust construction with few welding points is highly vibration- and shock-resistant, further reducing early failures and extending lamp life

    -Road and residential lighting
    -Decorative floodlighting, illumination
    -Industrial area lighting
    -Recreational sports facilities, indoor and outdoor

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    Data sheet
    It needs ballast Yes
    Energy Efficiency Class A+
    Base/Sockel E40
    Wattage - watt (W) 100
    Luminous flux - lumen (lm) 9700
    Luminous Efficacy Lamp - (lm / W) 97
    Light color temperature - kelvin (K) 2000
    Color rendering index - CRI 25
    Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h) 100
    Lifetime - hours (h) 36000
    Factory Box - pieces (pcs) 12
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