List of all our light bulbs, lamps and luminaires manufacturers. That are major light source manufacturers from whole world.

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  • Aurora

    The company Aurora was founded in 1999 by Andrew Johnson with a passionate, dedicated team, a longstanding east-west partnership and Asian infrastructure.

  • Avide

    AVIDE is to ensure your energy and cost reduction at an investment that makes you feel comfortable. We develop and design products that you - as the end-user - like. Your needs and feedbacks are continuously incorporated into our research and development cycle, and these ideas and changes get fast into the production of our products.
  • Dimco Lighting

    Dimco exports lighting products to 28 countries, including technical, decorative, outdoor and lamps. In the last years Dimco has been concetrading on LED products.

  • Dr.Fisher

    The DR. FISCHER Group is one of the leading producers of lamps and lights.Dr

  • Duracell

    Trusted everywhere, Duracell has been meeting the power needs of people around the world for more than 40 years.

  • Eko-Light

    Eko-Light Company was established in 2009. During these few years from a small local companies established company operating throughout the Polish and the European Union.

  • Elmark

    The history of ELMARK started in Bulgaria back in the distant 2000, when the company specialized in the trade with electrical equipment and related components.

  • Emos

    The company EMOS is certified according to ISO 9001 and complies with all technical, technological and economic norms.

  • Ergoline

    The Ergoline name represents the pinnacle of tanning bed craftsmanship, technology, and painstaking attention to the smallest detail-and all of this is just as evident in the lamps which bear that name. Your Ergoline bed deserves nothing less than Ergoline lamps-the best of the best!

  • Excelitas

    Excelitas Technologies provides innovative, customized optoelectronics and advanced electronic systems to a global base of leading OEMs who are seeking high-performance, market-driven technology solutions.

  • GE Lighting

    GE Lighting is the professional division of General Electric specializing in lighting solutions all around the world.

  • Horozk Elektrik

    Thanks to its executive management that always follows up the changes in electric and lighting industry and is aware of modern product concept and the new demands in the market, HOROZK ELEKTRİK has succeeded to be one of the outstanding brands in lighting industry within a short time.

  • I-Light

    Intereurope Light® is a brand property of Alcom Elettronica S.a.s, wich imports and ditributes all around Europe, luminous sources, luminaires and related accessories.
  • Kernel Medical

    Kernel Medical Instruments & Equipment Co. Ltd dedicates itself to R&D, production, marketing and service of hi-tech-oriented medical equipment.

  • Massive Lighting

    Massive Lighting is not just about technology, MASSIVE is also associated with lifestyle.

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