Osram HBO 50W/3 20-26V SFa8-2/8







HBO 50 3 20-26

HBO lamps are used almost exclusively in the technical scientific sector, predominantly for fluorescence microscopy and UV curing.

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Nominal wattage 50W
Lamp wattage 50W
Lamp voltage 20…26V

Nominal luminous flux 1300 lm
Luminous flux 1300 lm
Luminance 90000 cd/cm˛
Luminous intensity 150 cd

Diameter 9.0 mm
Mounting length 47.0 mm

Lifespan 200 h

Base (standard designation) SFa8-2/8
Burning position s45

Product benefits
-High radiance
-High radiant power in the UV and the visible range

Areas of application
-Fluorescence microscopy
-UV curing
-A variety of light guide applications

Product features
-Multi-line spectrum

Safety advice
Because of their high luminance, UV radiation and high internal pressure (when hot) HBO lamps may only be operated in enclosed lamp casings specially constructed for the purpose. Mercury is released if the lamp breaks. Special safety precautions must be taken. More information is available on request or can be found in the leaflet included with the lamp or in the operating instructions.

Osram HBO 50W/3 20-26V SFa8-2/8 4050300506692 HBO 50 3 20-26

Data sheet
Wattage - watt (W)50
Luminous flux - lumen (lm)1300
Luminous Efficacy Lamp - (lm / W)26
Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h)50
Lifetime - hours (h)200
Factory Box - pieces (pcs)1
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  • Lumen - Lm

    The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Luminous flux differs from power (radiant flux) in that radiant flux includes all electromagnetic waves emitted, while luminous flux is weighted according to a model of the human eye's sensitivity to various wavelengths. Lumens are related to lux in that one lux is one lumen per square meter.

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