Philips CSLS 50 SDW-t 220-240V 50/60Hz








Electronic control unit ensures reliable starting and stabilizes lamp power for optimum performance (minimum color deviation), simple installation and cabling.

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Rated Lamptype SDW-T
Rated Number of Lamps 1 piece
Rated Ballast-Lamp Power 50
Line Voltage 220-240 V
Line Frequency 50/60 Hz

Response voltage 210V
Mains voltage safety (AC) -10%/+10%
Mains voltage performance (AC) -4%/+9%
Output peak voltage 4500 (max) V
Power losses gear 3.0W

Cable-Cap outputwires to earth 50 pF
Connector type Screw
Max. cable length Device/Lamp 0.50 m
Striplength 6.0 mm
Wcs Ballast contacts 0.50-2.50 mm2

T-case life 90 C
T-case maximum 90 (max) C
T-ambient 65 (max) C
T-storage -25 (min), 80 (max) C

Length A1 98.0 mm
Fixing Hole Distance Length A2 70.0 mm
Width B1 58.5 mm
Fixing Hole Distance Width B2 46.0 mm
Height C1 39.5 mm
Fixing Hole Diameter D1 4.5 mm

Product Description
-Electronic control unit ensures reliable starting and stabilizes lamp power for optimum performance (minimum color deviation)
-Simple installation and cabling

-Ballasts and electronic control units equipped with screw terminal blocks; other contact possibilities for
-Earthing-while-mounting facility (HID ‘BASIC’ ballasts), separate earth terminal (HID ‘Heavy Duty’ )

-Similar to those of the related lamps

Philips CSLS 50 SDW-t 220-240V 50/60Hz 8711500908087 913619179966

Data sheet
Voltage - volt (V)220-240
Wattage - watt (W)50
Energy consumption - (kWh / 1000h)50
Factory Box - pieces (pcs)18
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