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Lamp Cap (base)

Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)

6 - 2000

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  Review By Tom McReynolds
Tom McReynolds

Very good experience, but better if specs came with UVB bulb

Overall, my shopping experience was very good. I had no trouble ordering on the site, the bulbs came quickly, and were undamaged and worked when I received them.The only issue I have (which might not be Svetila's fault) is that the bulbs came with no documentation. For safety, I'd like to know the UV output of the bulbs, not just their pow ...
Verified Purchase 26/11/2016
United States , Los Altos Hills
  Review By Luka
Great service!
Verified Purchase 22/11/2016

Electrical Components 

Electrical Components
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Electromagnetic ballasts
  • Transformers
  • Ignitors
  • Capacitors
  • LED´s
  • Lamp holders and accessories for luminaires
  • ECG Electronic control gears
    ECG Electronic control gears

    ECGs – perfect combination for long-lasting energy-efficient light


    1. Exceptional energy efficiency in lighting systems
    2. Maximum reliability in system operation
    3. State-of-the-art equipment
    4. Simple installation
    5. ECGs, lamps and service from a single source
    6. Compliance with the latest regulations, and allowance for planned regulations
  • Electromagnetic ballasts
    Electromagnetic ballasts
    An electrical ballast is a device intended to limit the amount of current in an electric circuit. A familiar and widely used example is the inductive ballast used in fluorescent lamps, to limit the current through the tube, which would otherwise rise to destructive levels due to the tube's negative resistance characteristic.
  • ECG for HID lamps
    ECG for HID lamps
    ECG (Electronic Control Gear) unlock the full potential of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps and greatly prolong the life of the lamps. Other benefits include huge energy savings, simple installation and troublefree operation thanks to the wealth of safety features.

    Typical applications for ECG
    • Shop
    • Museum
    • Hotel lobby
    • Industry
    • Street and Outdoor lighting
    • Facade
  • Ignitors
    Electronic Superimposed Ignitors and Accessories for Discharge HS Lamps VS ignitors provide the following advantages:
    • Fully electronic construction
    • Compact design
    • Large rated voltage range
    • Large output range
    • Low self-heating
    • Minimal power loss
    • Low noise
    • Long service life
    • High electrical safety due to highquality components (e.g. approved capacitors)
    • High thermal resistance (max. casing temperature c : 105 °C for superimposed ignitors and 95 °C for pulse ingitors)
    • Highly fire-resistant sealing compound (certified in accordance with EN 60926 and UL 94-VO)
    • Environmentally compatible sealing compound (waste key no. 57110)
  • Lampholders
    Lamp holder, lamp socket is a device which mechanically supports a lamp for the purposes of making electrical contact with the lamp.
    G5,3 G6,35 G8,5 G9 GU10 2g11 GX24d-1 GX24q-4 GX6,35 Gy16q GY17q Gy17t GZ10 GZY9,5 P20d P22d P28s P29t P32d-2 P32d-3 P32d-3 P40s Pg22 PGJ 19-1 PGJ 19-2 PGJ 19-5 PK32d-2 PK32d-3 PKY2
  • LED power supplies
    LED power supplies
    LED power supplies, universal AC input, Class 2 UL/CUL, FCC and CE/EMC requirements. Moisture resistant IP64 IP67 ul1310 approved, waterproof power supplies.
  • LED controller
    LED controller
    Hight Quality LED Strip Controller, led changing colour lights, led strobe light controller, rgb led strip controller
  • Capacitors
    Hermetically sealed, filled capacitors with an overpressure contact breaker should always be used in critical ambient conditions (high humidity, aggressive atmospheres, high temperatures), if the workload and power supply conditions are unknown as well as in situations that demand increased attention to safety.
  • Transformers
    Electronic transformers the perfect choice for low-voltage halogen lamps. Optimum lamp operation and reliability in various fields of application.
    • Perfect lamp operation throughout entire part-load operational range
    • In contrast to conventional transformers, the Electronic transformers does not generate any overvoltage. Therefore, operation under partial load will not reduce lamp life either. Consequently, if one lamp in a multi-lamp luminaire fails, for example, this failure will not lead to the early failure of any of the remaining lamps.
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