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Lamp Cap (base)
Energy Efficiency Class
Volt (V)
Wattage Equivalent (W)
50 W - 98 W
Kelvin (K)
2500 K - 4000 K
Lumen (lm)
420 lm - 1360 lm
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
52 - 75
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
8 - 22
Color rendering index (CRI)
80 - 83
Light colour code
825 - 840
Lifetime (h)

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These bulbs were the exact match. They work great and were reasonably priced. They take a little while to get to Canada but other then that the order ...

By Chris Strasbourg on 10/07/2017
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Many energy-saving lamps can do more than just save energy: Particularly intelligent energy-saving lamps are available, for example, in dimmable versions, with daylight sensors or for use with solar power systems.
These lamps are perfectly suited to special applications, but are also the ideal choice for conventional energy-saving use.


  • Unlimited on/off

    Unlimited on/off

    Whether in corridors or in a stairwell - compact fluorescent lamps with a particularly high switching resistance are perfect for use in private or professional applications. They can be switched an infinite number of times throughout their service life.


    • Extremely high switching capacity throughout its entire service life
    • Rapid luminous flux startup directly after switching on through Quick Light technology
    • Can be used for direct current applications and in emergency mode (176 to 310 Volts)
    • Extra long mean service life of 20,000 hours

    Areas of application

    • Lamps can be used anywhere in households and commercial buildings, in places where a high switching resistance is required. They are particularly suitable for use in facilities with automatic switch-off and motion detectors as well as in corridors and stairwells. Thanks to their long mean service life of 20,000 hours, lamps are often used in professional applications, such as industry, offices and hotels.
  • Automatic switching

    Automatic switching

    Lamps which switch on automatically when it gets dark and switch themselves off again during daylight - perfect for anyone coming home late in the evening. Automatic lighting at the entrance to a building ensures people can find their way more easily, and it switches off automatically during the day, if you forget to press the switch. Thus two high quality sensors help the lamps to provide bright light in the right place at the right time. This is ideal for economic, reliable continuous lighting.

    Benefits of sensor technology

    • Automatic detection of daylight
    • Resistant to interference light
    • Automatically adjusts to different lighting outlets through intelligent microprocessor technology
    • Self test function
    • Extra long mean service life up to 20,000 hours
    • Up to 500,000 switching cycles

    Areas of application for sensor lamps

    • Lamps are particularly suitable as safety lighting, both in commercial and private applications. Sensor lamps are particular beneficial in entrance areas of hotels, shops and restaurants, which are not lit continuously at night.
    • In private houses, the sensor lamps are particularly useful in wall and ceiling lamps at the entrance to the house or in gate luminaires.
  • HE (High efficient)

    HE (High efficient)


    • Excellent price/performance ratio
    • Improved efficiency: More light for the same wattage
    • Fast return on investment
    • Various lamp shapes available to fit all luminaires

    Areas of application

    • General illumination
    • Hospitality
    • Hotels, restaurants
    • Wherever compact and efficient lamps are needed
    • Hard-to-reach holders
    • Wherever light is required quickly
    • Outdoor use in enclosed and ventilated luminaires only
  • Dimmable



    • Creation of the preferred light ambience
    • Great light color variation
    • Energy savings and dimming at the same time
    • Various lamp shapes available to fit all luminaires

    Areas of application

    • Rooms in which different light levels are to be created
    • Dimmable installations
    • General illumination
    • For indoor use only

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