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Lamp Cap (base)
Energy Efficiency Class
Volt (V)
Wattage Equivalent (W)
75 W - 132 W
Beam Angle (°)
30 ° - 330 °
Kelvin (K)
2000 K - 20000 K
Lumen (lm)
120 lm - 88000 lm
Candela (cd)
8000 cd - 13800 cd
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
15 - 147
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
6 - 600
Color rendering index (CRI)
25 - 85
Light colour code
77 - 840
IP Protection (IP)
Lifetime (h)

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Plant manager
These bulbs were the exact match. They work great and were reasonably priced. They take a little while to get to Canada but other then that the order ...

By Chris Strasbourg on 10/07/2017
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Recu exactement le produit montré. Fonctionne OK.

By Loic D on 06/07/2017
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For plants, aquariums and terrariums 

For plants, aquariums and terrariums

The light from FLUORA fluorescent lamps has an emphasis at the blue and red ends of the spectrum so it is ideal for promoting photo-biological processes in plants. The result is healthier plants. FLUORA lamps are used wherever plants do not receive enough natural daylight, for example over feature planting in shopping centres, offices, hotel...


  • Daylightstar



    • Reduces algae growth through a special UV-STOP protective sleeve
    • Allows fish and plants to be seen in their true colours (high colour rendition)
    • 5000K triphosphor lamp with a daylight character
    • High colour rendition
    • Long life


    • For use in fresh water aquariums
    • In combination with Grolux it produces a well balanced and optimal aquarium life
  • Reptistar



    • Promotes vitamin D3 production which aids good health, growth and the general well-being of reptiles in terrariums through a high content of UVB (up to 5%) and UVA (up to 30%)
    • This full spectrum (6500 K) lamp improves the natural appearance of reptiles
    • Shows reptiles in their true colours


    • For the artificial lighting of reptiles in terrariums

    Directions for use

    • This lamp emits UV-radiation. Avoid exposure to skin and eyes
  • Marinestar



    • Ideal lamp for marine lighting
    • High colour rendering of the marine aquatic environment
    • High colour temperature: 15000K
    • Reproduces light conditions found at coral reefs through radiation in the 420-510 mm wavelength
    • Promotes the growth of coral and invertebrates by supporting the growth of zooxanthellae
    • Much bright light output than Coralstar and less blue


    • Lighting of marine water aquaria
  • Coralstar



    • Reproduces light conditions found at coral reefs through actinic blue light
    • Promotes the growth of coral and invertebrates by supporting the growth of zooxanthellae
    • See coral in its true colour(s)


    • Lighting to promote growth of coral and invertebrates in marine water aquariums
  • Lighting for cultivation of plants

    Lighting for cultivation of plants

    Professional lighting kits which contain all necessary components for successful cultivation of plants.

    These kits are used for artificial prolongation of natural day light. The light is of high quality and therefore enables optimal growth of plants without any actual natural light present.

  • Grolux



    • High level of blue and red radiation helps promote healthy plant growth
    • Strengthens the natural colours of aquatic plants and fish in aquariums
    • Promotes the process of photo synthesis in plants


    • For lighting of fresh water aquariums
    • Complete or additional artificial lighting of plants
    • Recommended also for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens, flower
  • Aquastar



    • Light colour: 10000 Kelvin (simulating the tropical light spectrum)
    • Promotes the growth of coral and aquatic plants through natural red and blue sections of the light spectrum
    • Excellent lighting performance


    • For all biological organisms in fresh and marine water aquariums
    • Excellent results in combination with Daylightstar
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