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Lamp Cap (base)
Energy Efficiency Class
Beam Angle (°)
160 ° - 160 °
Kelvin (K)
2700 K - 6500 K
Lumen (lm)
600 lm - 6200 lm
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
48 - 93
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
10 - 70
Color rendering index (CRI)
80 - 98
Light colour code
827 - 965
Lifetime (h)

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T8 Lumilux 

T8 Lumilux
Extremely efficient, reliable and a long service life – Fluorescent lamps offer a sophisticated and economical lighting solution. With good to outstanding and uniform color reproduction, the lamps can meet even the toughest demands in the professional lighting sector.

Features Very good lumen maintenance: 90 % throughout the service lifetime ...


  • T8 Reflector

    T8 Reflector


    • Internal reflector directs the light via a 160° ‘window’
    • Reflector directs 85% of the light downwards avoiding wasted light
    • Direct retrofit for existing fluorescent fittings operating on conventional or HF gear
    • High-quality lighting with good color rendering (CRI >80)
    • Dimmable


    • Luminaires without reflectors or with only simple reflectors, mainly found in industry and shops / supermarkets
  • T8 Sets

    T8 Sets

    T8 Set is a perfect solution for upgrading your existing lighting installation with a special TL-D lamp with an intelligent starter. It offers considerable energy savings while maintaining the same lighting level and a better light quality.

    • Significant energy saving while maintaining light levels and improving light quality in comparison with TL-D Standard colors lamps (halophosphate)
    • Higher color rendering than TL-D Standard colors lamps (halophosphate)
    • Longer lifetime than TL-D Standard colors lamps (halophosphate)
    • Instant, smooth and flicker-free start-up of the lamps
    • Lamps are switched off directly at end-of-life, preventing irritation (no flickering), unnecessary electricity consumption and fire risk
    • Starter contains flame-retardant components; UV-resistant canister ensures increased safety and secure ignition
  • T8 Biolux

    T8 Biolux


    • Emit a daylight white light that gives your animals a sense of natural sunlight

    Areas of application

    • Excellent for raising small animals


    • Very good color rendering group: 1A (Ra: ≥90)
  • T8 DE LUXE

    T8 DE LUXE


    • Excellent color rendering
    • Natural colors
    • Available in many different light colors (3,000…6,500 K) for various applications
    • High luminous flux

    Areas of application

    • Ideal where color rendering is an important factor
    • Public buildings
    • Shops
    • Supermarkets and department stores
    • Industry
    • Supports the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Depression) SAD


    • Very good color rendering group: 1A (Ra: ≥90)
    • Long service life: up to 16,000 h (with preheat ECG)
    • Dimmable
  • T8 COLOR proof

    T8 COLOR proof


    • Accurate chromaticity coordinates
    • Stable light-technical and electrical data
    • Uniform coating

    Areas of application

    • Printing industry, graphic workshops, photographic laboratories
    • Industrial inspection and color matching facilities
    • Industry
    • Shops
    • Incoming goods inspection


    • Meets the application requirements of ISO 3664:2009 (when used in appropriate fixtures)
    • Metamerism indices: MVIS ≤1.0 and MUV ≤1.5
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