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Lamp Cap (base)
Energy Efficiency Class
Wattage Equivalent (W)
20 W - 345 W
Beam Angle (°)
120 ° - 120 °
Kelvin (K)
2200 K - 6500 K
Lumen (lm)
172 lm - 5590 lm
Candela (cd)
80 cd - 400 cd
Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
34 - 75
Energy consumption (kWh/1000h)
5 - 75
Color rendering index (CRI)
0 - 83
Light colour code
825 - 865
Lifetime (h)

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With screw base 

With screw base
Energy saving lamps for any application. Whether in the house, in the garden or in an entranceway - modern lighting provided by energy saving lamps is perfect everywhere.


  • Tornado


    Tornado has outstanding brightness which makes your colors appear more Vivid. It fits everywhere due to its compact design With comprehensive product range, it allows easy replacement of incandescent lamps all the way.
    Spreadhead spiral shape energy saving products, preferred by over 90% of consumers

    • Outstanding brightness & Vivid Colors
    • Flicker-Free start & Fast run up
    • Save your money with long life-time and high energy efficiency compare to incandescent lamp


    • Long-Life and Energy saving alternative to Incandescent lamps
    • Fast Run-up
    • Recommended ambient temperature range to ensure almost constant light output (>90%): 0 and + 50°C


    • Replacement of incandescent lamps both in professional and home applications (hotels, restaurants, shops) where the lamp is not directly visible; especially suitable for use in indoor functional areas
    • Enclosed fixtures required for outdoor applications
    • Not suitable for use with dimmers or electronic gear
  • Long Life

    Long Life

    Energy saving lamps: Extremly long average lifetime

    Compact fluorescent lamps are characterized by their special technology, functionality and quality. Compact fluorescent lamps with screw bases are particularly attractive due to their range of shapes, energy efficiency and long life. Better known as energy saving lamp, with their service life of up to 20,000 hours, they are the perfect replacement for any standard incandescent lamp. Whether shaped as a candle, tube, spiral or in the classic bulb shape - energy saving lamps can be used in a range of ways.

    The special feature of these compact fluorescent lamps is the ballast integrated directly into the base. These lamps combine the simple installation of the incandescent lamp with the efficiency benefits of fluorescent lamps.

    Lamps with Quick Light technology
    Compact fluorescent lamps usually have a slightly longer start-up time before reaching their full brightness. The patented Quick Light technology means that there is no need to wait - the innovative technology ensures a particularly fast luminous flux start-up on selected energy saving lamps.

    Warm Comfort Light – feelgood light for at home
    Energy saving lamps with warm light, similar to a classic incandescent lamp. The lamps are ideally suited to light living rooms and bedrooms: The warm white light is an invitation to relax and enjoy life.

  • Economy


    Energy saving lamps for any application.

    • Warm Comfort Light – energy-saving light similar to that of an incandescent lamp
    • Average life: up to 8,000 h
    • Up to 80 % less energy consumption compared with ordinary light bulbs
  • Special


    Many energy-saving lamps can do more than just save energy: Particularly intelligent energy-saving lamps are available, for example, in dimmable versions, with daylight sensors or for use with solar power systems.
    These lamps are perfectly suited to special applications, but are also the ideal choice for conventional energy-saving use.

  • Globe


    Globe shaped lamp, with soft and Gentle decorative light, to complement your luminaire

    • Attractive lamp appearance
    • Ideal for decorative applications
    • Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs
    • Up to 80 % less energy consumption compared with ordinary light bulbs
  • Circolux



    • Excellent luminous flux
    • Attractive lamp appearance
    • Extremely fast lumen ramp-up thanks to Quick Light Technology

    Areas of application

    • High-quality domestic and professional environments
    • Large shades and pendant luminaires
    • Low-profile wall and ceiling luminaires
    • General illumination
    • Wherever light is required quickly
    • Outdoor use in enclosed and ventilated luminaires only


    • Quick Light: 60 % light output in ≤20 s
    • Good quality of light; color rendering index Ra: ≥80; constant chromaticity
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