Ultra Vitalux 300W E27

543929 - Osram
4008321543929 - ULTRA-VITALUX-300

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UV lamp for technical applications: Sunlight simulation, glue curing, artificial material aging, exposure of UV-sensitive photoresist coatings, terrariums, equine solaria.

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Nominal wattage 300.00W
Nominal voltage 230V
Lamp voltage 230V
Construction voltage 230V

Radiated power 315…400 nm (UVA) 13.6W
Radiated power 280…315 nm (UVB) 3.0W

Diameter 127.0 mm
Length 185.0 mm

Lifespan 1000 h

Base (standard designation) E27
Burning position Any

Areas of application
-Sunlight simulation
-Glue curing
-Artificial material aging
-Exposure of UV-sensitive photoresist coatings
-Equine solaria

Product features
-UV lamp for technical applications
-Direct operation without control gear

Safety advice
Due to their intense heat generation, the lamps may only be operated in suitable luminaires. The lamps must also be protected against moisture and splashing water. In case of improper use, UV radiation may lead to sunburn and conjunctivitis. Not approved for use on persons according to the new edition of EN 60335-2-27.

Data sheet
Volt 230
Watt 300
Lifetime 1000
kWh per 1000h 300
Factory Box 6

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Write a review


Muy buenas bombillas, llevo 5 años usándolas casi a diario para mi trabajo y siguen dándome el mismo rendimiento que el primer día. Con el uso, el tiempo de espera entre el precalentado y el encendido se va alargando pero nunca supera los 4 minutos.

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Article reçu dans les temps et conforme au descriptif sur le site.
Reste à voir l'utilisation.
A bientôt.

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la lampe est arrivee cassée mauvais emballage

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👍👍👍 super super super super super

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I'm very pleased with the great feedback from this company.
I received an email for every stage during the process and delivery.

The delivery from Slovenia to the Netherlands was pretty fast, and the price is right!


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The product works and we are pleased !

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come sempre un servizio ottimo nelle modalità e tempi di consegna.

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La spedizione è stata fatta circa due ore dopo l'ordine ed è arrivata velocemente. L'imballaggio ed il prodotto sono ottimi! Venditore consigliatssimo! Tutto perfetto.

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Thank you! Excellent service, reasonable prices! I would recommend!

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Merci pour votre livraison, très satisfait, tout s’est bien passé

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Servizio eccellente!!
grazie mille.

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Azienda seria e affidabile,consigliato per i vostro acuisti.

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servizio veloece e puntuale.
prodotto integro. attenzione al cliente.

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Utilisé pour le sechage de colle UV dans le domaine de la vitrerie, l'ampoule est plus rapide que le tube UV mais agit sur une plus petite surface. Efficace pour faire le collage de petites pieces ou pour faire secher partiellement la colle et finir la polymerisation avec un tube UV.

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Merci pour votre envoi. La lampe Ultra Vitalux de 300W a été bien reçue dans son emballage avec une bonne protection. Réception rapide du colis.
Merci encore.

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Great product at a great price! We use these bulbs in our reptile enclosures and they do a great job providing all of the heat, light and UV that they need. Thanks a lot :)

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I am doubtful that my order of Ultra Vitalux 300W shall arrive safely to my country of Indonesia. But what's happen then? My order arrived according to delivery time for packages as Svetila promised. Bravo for Svetila.

I will use this product for my research in photocatalyst experiment. Because the shape of product in shape bulb so it easier to construct in experiment. I think the power is big and good stuff.

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Combien pouvez-vous livrer d'ampoule Ultra-Vitalux 300W. J'ai un client qui recherche 60 pièces. Merci pour votre réponse.

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